Researchers are Not Sure Whether Electrionic Cigarette or Tobacco Cigarette is Less Hazardous

According to an article published in Healthline News, two respected tobacco control researchers informed the public that they are not sure whether tobacco cigarettes are more harmful than electronic cigarettes.

One of them is Dr. Jonathan Samet, the epidemiologist and pulmonary physician at the University of Southern California. He said that someone who quits smoking before turning 40 can expect to live a healthy life just like someone who never smoked anything. However, Jonathan is uncertain about the individuals who quit smoking traditional cigarette and switch to electronic cigarettes.

In the same article, Jed Rose, a professor who specialises in addiction and behavioural science at the Duke University. He said that it is very difficult to give a conclusive statement about vaping, since electronic cigarettes brands vary. A slim chance that some individuals can positively switch from smoking to vaping, do not mean they are improving their health.

Apparently, it is not only dishonest, but also reckless to inform the public that tobacco cigarettes are less hazardous than using electronic cigarettes. Even tobacco companies are not telling the public this to defend their products and revenues. Essentially, if any tobacco cigarette company can publicly make such a statement, then the next news you will hear is the court challenge by anti-smoking group.

In fact, telling the public that smoking is less harmful than vaping is basically a public health malpractice. It is a third party negligent because you must not be a health scientist to figure out that heating solution of propylene and nicotine cannot be as dangerous as burning tobacco. Additionally, this statement disregards overwhelming scientific evidences that show that smokers who switch to vaping experience an instant health improvement. It overstates the dangers of vaping, while understating the hazards of smoking. This is certainly going to prevent tobacco cigarette smokers from quitting, using electronic cigarettes and might encourage smokers who have quit through electronic cigarettes to return to smoking.

Until the tobacco control movement finally recognises the benefits of electronic cigarettes, the public is going to see a continuation of this public health malpractice.

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