The anti-smoking advocates in China are waging a war against the healthy electronic cigarettes. The authorities on health and smoking are championing for a complete ban against the manufacture, sale and use of electronic cigarettes. This controversy came from a survey conducted by the Hong Kong's School of Public Health. After conducting an interview on more than 1000 participants, approximately 4.3% aged between 11 and 30 had tried electronic cigarettes compared to only 1% of people above the age of 30.

Some participants said they had tried electronic cigarettes out of curiosity, because they saw their colleagues and friends vape, while others reported that they opted to vape to quit smoking. After analysing the data, Lam Tai-hiring from the School of Public Health said authorities must step up with some strict regulation. In fact, he said that China should move with speed to completely ban electronic cigarettes before they gain more popularity among the younger Chinese population.

An associate professor, Daniel Ho also explained that electronic cigarettes might pose a health risk because of glycol and propylene, which might cause irritation to the throat and mouth. He further states that electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive and could pose a threat to the development of infants and teens.

Right now, there is no evidence to support the argument of Lam and Ho. Researchers have repeatedly reported that electronic cigarettes are far safer than tobacco cigarettes: they have no tobacco, tar and carcinogens. In the most recent study, scientist found that the new generation of electronic cigarettes cause reduced nicotine intake. Various studies have shown that electronic cigarettes are more effective for smoking cessation.

Unfortunately, these health officials are ignoring the scientific report and pushing forward for their personal ideology in hopes of a complete ban on vaping: no more manufacturing, advertising, distribution, importation and sales

If these health officials' lie is accepted as the truth by the lawmakers, it could therefore result to a complete destruction of the electronic cigarette market, and have a serious detrimental effect on the public health.

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