My Vape Journey

John @ No1ejuice

Sadly this story starts off on a bit of a downer, I smoked 30 a day for 7-8 years, until April 24th 2013 when I was involved in a motorcycle accident which left me with a broken Tibia and bits o’ bone floating around in my ankle joint. This left me unable to walk for quite a while and as a smoker I was adamant that I would continue to smoke despite the doctors telling me it would hinder the healing process.

Fast forward 2.5 months and I was in the hospital for an x-ray where they told me the bone has still not healed, not even a fraction. Did this spur me on to quit smoking? No of course not, I used to be very stubborn! However when I got told that I could no longer smoke in my flat without going outside (something that is pretty darn tough with a full length cast) I decided I’d give one of these electric cigarette contraptions I had seen in my local supermarket a go.

After 1.5 months of no smoking my leg was fully healed and I was up and about returning to my work in an office as an Accounts Executive for an energy consultants, great stuff! But of course, with returning to work it didn’t take me long before I was back at the shop buying by tobacco and rolling papers, or pack of cigarettes on payday!

Enough was enough, I needed to quit, I missed the feeling of walking up the stairs without being out of breath. Someone in the office ordered me an ego kit and I was ready to go, visiting my local B&M for my juices. However, low and behold I still looked for an excuse to go back to cigarettes, I loved the ego but every time it broke or ran out of battery I was straight down to the shops to get more cigarettes!

For shame John, for shame “you should know better by now” I said to myself. A few months of this yo-yo quitting before I took the plunge and bought a Vamo v5 with a Kanger evod and topping it up with my favourite 12mg juices! This was the point where I knew vaping was for me and I couldn’t go back to smoking, it appealed to my smoker dependencies as well as my inner geek, I was obsessed with the technology and I wanted more! Before I knew it I moved on to a iTaste VTR box with an iClear 30s tank, now we are talking!

I used these devices exclusively for roughly 6 months before finding out that a news agent near me started stocking box mods. I was there in a drop of a hat buying myself an iStick 50w and Lemo 2. This thing was great, but I was hungry for more. More flavour, more cloud and more tech!

I spent an evening in a pub where I drunkenly got into a conversation with someone who told me about a shop dedicated to vaping, and it was local to me! Could I remember the name of the shop? No of course not but a quick google search and I found myself in a shop I couldn’t believe I was in, I had no idea these places existed. Where was I? No.1 ejuice in welling. It took all of about 3 visits of buying nothing but TKO by Clutch Vapors and Looper from Phillip Rocke’s ANML range before I went and got myself a Troll v1 and a sigelei 100w plus.

Now a “dripper” was something I always told myself I wanted to avoid, why would I constantly want drip liquid every few puffs? Flavour my friends, flavour. I went crazy for it, they had me hook line and sinker. I was there every day and my friends would come and hang out too, late nights with pizza, and boy do I love pizza.

Fast forward to today, I’ve left my office job, I now work for No1 Ejuice doing a job I love and I have an amazing set of friends I wouldn’t have had I never started vaping.

I get to try amazing liquids such as:

Wick Liqour


Granny’s Pie

And I own the following mods:

Hexohm v2.1


Kbox 200

Wismec Rx200

Wismec Rx200s

VCM – Brass

LostVape Efusion DUO DNA200

Tugboat DNA200

Tesla Invader 3

Noisy Cricket

VCP – Brass

VTbox DNA 200

Twisted Messes Box mod by Dovpo

Avatar 50

In short, life is good.

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