As it grows and evolves, the vaping industry’s becoming more professional, reliable and quality-assured. And you, the customer, the vaper yourself, have a role to play in making sure this continues and doesn’t slacken off. If you’re vigilant and selective as a consumer – only seeking out safe, quality products – the industry will keep moving in the right direction. So here are some tips on what to consider and be aware of when buying vaping products…

Don’t be a guinea pig – and get taken for a ride

Say you’re looking to buy a car; how do you go about it? Compare manufacturers? Look for a model with a good track-record? Of course you do. And why shouldn’t you do the same when buying an e-cigarette or any other vaping product? Ask yourself about the manufacturer; what’s its reputation? What testing does it implement? Where’s it based? Of course, we highly recommend all products we sell at No.1 EJuice, but it usually pays to do a bit of a research yourself to be sure.

The stronger the better?

Don’t doubt it; the quality of vapour and flavour is getting better all the time! And a lot of credit here has to go to coil builders for upping the ante. However, better quality and so different strengths bring more choice – and self-responsibility – for customers. Many vapers will be tempted to go for something that offers just enough vapour to replace a smoking habit, but is this mentality always wise? Do you really want to buy high-wattage mods that are beyond what you need? Something to think about when you buy vape products.

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Vape safely!

Have your e-cig or vapour products been thoroughly factory-tested? Are they safe? With the vaping industry evolving, there’s really no reason not to buy decent e-liquid, for instance, as the quality is ever improving. Early on, were you to purchase e-liquid from even a nationally known company, you may have got a bottle with just a handwritten label giving you next to no info – and reassurance – of the quality it contained. But now, many come with extensive labelling detailing their safety credentials and their bottles are sealed shut with child-resistant caps. Enjoy your vaping, but always be safe!

Quality pays dividends

Sure, a mod or any other e-cig product with a great reputation for quality might cost a bit more, but it’s bound to save you cash in the long run. Because, trust us, a large number of ‘cheap and cheerful’ e-cig goods won’t last more than six months. And repair rates can vary wildly – from 0.5% to more than 40%! That’s if the product you’ve just bought even can be repaired. Did you check that before you bought your last product? Don’t scrimp on quality!

Politics; schmolitics?

In the months and years ahead, owing to political pressure on the vaping industry, we’re likely to see manufacturers look more objectively at critiques (consumer claims, medical studies and the like) and assess where their products lie in relation to these – while the industry as a whole is likely to better define standards for manufacturing and practice. So far, political interest in the vaping industry’s been challenging at best, but if it ultimately means that, industry-wide, quality and safety only improve then that’s a good thing, no question. Most of all for you, customers who love to vape!

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