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Right to Vape

Britain has chosen a newfuture in which every regulation will ultimately be decided by our Parliamentin Westminster.

AsVapers, a major concern is to ensure that the Tobacco Products Directive is ofhigh priority to our MPs and that they press the new Prime Minister to addressthis issue in a timely manner. In short, now is the perfect time for us to makeas much noise as possible, this could well be our last chance to have the TPDrevised.

We havegreat strengths on our side:

Firstlyvapers have become a force to be reckoned with. There are 2.8 million vapersand the polling taken out by before the referendum showed people’s frustrationover the TPD.

Secondlywe have a very strong argument to get the TPD to be high on the priority listof those in power. Most of the TPD’s most harmful measures have yet to beimplemented. If the government were to seek to go ahead with enforcing EUmeasures like the ban on stronger nicotine e-cigarettes it would createoutrage.

Since Parliamentis now in charge, this petition for Parliamentary action has become even moreappropriate. Please keep encouraging your friends and family to sign it.

For thesame reason vapers should renew their focus on lobbying their MPs. We suggestthat you ask to meet your MP at their constituency surgery as soon as possibleto help them understand the needs of the 4,300 vapers they represent.

A keydate for your diary is Monday 4 July when there will be a major debate onvaping in the House of Lords led by Lord Callanan.

Afterdiscussions with vaping activist groups we are recommending that on this dayvapers turn up at Parliament to firstly lobby their MP at the House of Commonsand then to view the House of Lords debate from the public gallery at 7pm. Atthe end of the debate there will be a vote on a “regret” motion which thegovernment could lose. So July 4 is your VIP day - the day of Vapers InParliament.

Moredetails will follow to help turn this into an exciting and important day forlarge numbers of vapers.

Please visit here to sign the petition.

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