Vaping and using E Liquid has been scientifically proven to be far healthier for you than smoking cigarettes, but when it comes to the devices themselves what are the best ones to buy? There have been growing reports of unsafe ecigarettes, that when recharged can cause fires and short circuits as well as flimsy devices that are short lived. To defend yourself against such annoyances it is definitely worth investing in devices which can help you to make sure these problems don’t occur. It might cost more money in the short term but could save you far more than you’re spending.

Buying Cheap Pen


Although No1 Ejuice has great deals on cheap vape juices and devices on our value pack page there is still the issue of buying short lasting vape pens. Many supermarkets and off licences now sell vape pens but here they are often shoddy or fall apart within a few days. This is why they are so surprisingly cheap. To make matters even more complicated, the laws on vaping are set to change in this year, making many vape pens that don’t follow regulations illegal to sell or incompatible with ever changing designs. Do your research and make sure that you invest in a good pen. After all you should always make sure that your pen has a warranty attached and some form of guarantee, otherwise you’ll end up feeling very short changed indeed.

Teflon Free


Teflon is a polymer, or plastic which is used in many products manufactured across the world. It is often used as a durable outer coating due to not containing any water particles and for safely containing against liquid contamination. The fact that it is also non stick means that it is used in cookery utensils and is used to contain dangerous chemicals due to the fact that it doesn’t react to any elements. It has therefore been used to coat vape pens, seemingly holding all the right ingredients for integration into holding e Juice. Where Teflon falls short is in its vulnerability to high temperatures. The fact that water vapour is heated up electrically inside a vape pen means that many cheap Teflon coatings end up being damaged or melting after a short period of time. With this in mind, it is better to steer clear of vape pens altogether so as to ensure the longevity of your device.


As an alternative it is a good idea to invest in titanium devices. Not only are these metal alloys sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also more long lasting against the effects of heat. The metals you can buy titanium in come in both grades 1 and 2. This will ensure that your device lasts longer.

Be careful with Accessories


Vape pens can come with a whole range of accessories. Some change the taste of the e cigarette whilst others are great for creating thicker clouds. Many of these are made with copper, which it is best to approach cautiously because like Teflon, can melt easily, due to the malleable nature of the metal.

Composition Tests

Always make sure that your vendor has adhered to the international vaping laws when they sell you your device. Finding the right vendor who is trustworthy and makes sure all of their devices are of industry standard is imperative to the enjoyment of vaping. Most companies online, such as No1 Ejuice work to strict laws to make sure that your vaing devices and juice are safe.

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