All vapers have been there, that moment when you’re faced with so many choices of brands and flavours and given little time to make your decision. Whenever you walk into a vape shop you are hit with melding fragrances, blended from all manner of different brands which is both captivating and confusing, and the masses of web pages worth of options isn’t going to help your decision. That’s why it’s always good to be given a smaller selection of some of the best E Juices, so that you don’t end up going in circles when deliberating. This range of handpicked flavours are great for any vaper with a particularly sweet tooth, ranging from classic candy treat flavours to new and experimental mixtures.

Export by Shlurp


Crazy ejuice Export from Shlurp has landed at No1 Ejuice. This mix of fizzy cola and a blend of different fruits is for the more adventurous vaper, having also been blended with an alleged mix of “purple space fizz, zinging nettles & slug slime soda”. This is a great zinging flavour that comes in a hefty 60 millilitre bottle with a pg/vg ratio of 20% to 60%. The Nicotine strength is 3 mg which means it’s a good intermediary between heavy and light smokers.

Candy Kings Sour Worm


Take a trip down memory lane with this classic candy flavoured vape juice. The Sour Worms flavour is sure to bring a zing to your vape session, transporting you with its sweet and sour gummy fruit; a conction of orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, cherry and raspberry. This is topped off with a granulated sugar after taste and really brings a vast array of flavours to the palette. This 100 millilitre bottle of some of the best Eliquid comes in an intermediary 3 milligrams nicotine content as well as a pg/vg ratio of 20 to 80 percent.

Lime Berry – MoMo

MoMo are a great company and have many different flavours on offer, including the tangy lime berry flavour, which blends the two fruits seamlessly into a glorious cloud of Italian Lime sorbet and mixed fruit berry’s. On top of this, the complex mix also brings in hints of brown sugar, topping off this great pudding vape juice. The Lime Berry flavour comes in a 60 millilitre bottle, meaning that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to long lasting vape juice.

Rock-It by Lolly Vape


Lolly Vape make just that, Lolly flavoured vape juices, and with Rock It you have a blast from the past right to your taste buds with the iconic rocket shaped lolly flying you over the moon with its perfect blend of raspberry, lime and strawberry. Such a fruity flavour is bound to bring back memories of summer and with the sun beginning to shine and people all over the world beginning to hit the beaches, this is a better time than ever to stock up on this popular flavour.

Drizzle Dream from MoMo

Always the tasty pudding extraordinaire, MoMo are at it again with their lemon sponge cake and lemon drizzle flavoured vape juice Drizzle Dream. This perfect blend of lemony notes will remind you of that classic creamy cake combo, complete with icing and brown sugar after tastes bringing a crisp blend of lemon. This flavour comes in either a 120 ml bottle or a 60 ml bottle.

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