There are plenty of vapes on the market and more and more are being built and upgraded every day. That’s one of the great things about vaping; there are so many vape pens and devices that your choice is almost endless. Like the smart phone and touch screen devices, there are constant innovations in this relatively new smoking alternative market.

So where do you start? With so much choice it can be difficult to find the right device for you, which is why we here at No1 Ejuice have made it easier for you, highlighting some of our tried and tested favourites. This is where the Reuleaux RX 200W device comes in. Below you can find testimonies from some of the great reviews out there about his new device as well as all the information you’ll need to know about vaping with it.


About the company

Wismec is a Chinese own

d electronic company who are making bold steps in the world of vaping. This is why one of their most innovative products, the afore

mentioned Reuleaux RX 200W is making waves in the vaping community. Distributing worldwide to companies such as No1 Ejuice, Wismec has had a long history of its staff knowing every side of the electronic cigarette industry. Their staff has come from a background of researching, developing, and engineering some of the best devices on the market. On top of this, their brilliant salesmen make sure that customers get the best prices on Wismec products. Wismec vape devices are designed in the USA and built in China, a great example of business relations between the two countries. What’s more, the company is still evolving, reaching out to the best international minds in the vaping industry.


Coming in a range of colours, the Reuleaux RX 200W is uniquely designed with innovative patterns. Coming in a range of colours Wismec’s brainchild is equipped with a take 3 18650 battery which has an extensive life before you have to recharge. This is great if you find yourself out all day or have forgotten to apck your charge, On top of this the RX has a unique reverse polarity Protection built in as well as an external and internal parts which can be upgraded as technology advances. The dveice itself has a maximum output of 200W and even has its own temperature control function so that there is never too much heat in the device. Like with all good vapes, the device comes with a USB charging port which is designed to charge quicker than many of the devices on the market. The specific sizes are 50 millimeters, 40 millimeters or 84 millimetres whilst the thread type is a hefty 510. The temperature range is between 100 and 300 degrees and you will also get a 0.69 inch OLED screen which displays your devices data as you smoke. With your device you’ll also get a USB cable and a parameter.


So what have people been saying about the device? On top of the device being inexpensive and meticulous in its performance, amny reviewers have commented on the RX’s better quality vaping. The internal workings mean that the vape cloud you produce is far smoother than any other machine on the market and the fact that you can “mod” it out, or for the less tech literate of us, change and upgrade parts of it means that the device itself can be personalized to your specific needs as a vaper. For these reasons and many more, the RX 200W is a must buy.

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