Haven’t e-cigarettes come a long way since their release over a decade ago in 2003? Remember when the best flavor you could get was a generic ‘grape’ from the local shop? Thank god things have moved on a bit since then.

Over the past few years, various companies such as MOMO have made developing e-liquid flavours an art form.

Hang on a mo – who’s MOMO?

MOMO is a recently established brand of e-liquids that you can find on momoeliquid.com

The first thing you’ll notice about these little guys is just how great they look on your web browser. MOMO have definitely taken e-liquid branding to the next level with a significant use of bold, statement colours and interesting layouts. Not to mention MOMO’s crazy cool cyclops mascot that adorns the front of every bottle. For the full effect, check out their Instagram account: momoeliquids

So, top marks for aesthetic.

Looking good is one thing… but do they taste good?

Let’s have a look at Soda-Lish

Soda-Lish is one of four flavours MOMO sell online. Soda-Lish, Pink Me, Slam Dunk and Drizzle Dream make up the stylish MOMO collection.

MOMO Soda-Lish promises to hydrate your senses with the taste of summer all year around. This little purple bottle is filled with the taste of fresh lemonade, berries and twists of grapefruit and plum.

They’ve set the bar pretty high with that description.

Does it meet expectations?

Vapers are adamant that MOMO does exactly what it says on the bottle, providing incredible flavor that is sure to satisfy any sweet cravings. Reviews have been raving about the complexity and nuance of flavors MOMO achieves in every bottle.

Not just a pretty face then?

Check it out!

Why not give MOMO Soda-Lish a try for yourself? These e-liquids come in both 60ml and 120ml bottles and are sold online. Give it a shot! 

Drizzle dreamMomoMomo soda-lishPink meSlam dunkSoda-lish

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