New to Reviews? Here are some e-cig Reviewing Tips

Whatever the subject matter, there isalways knack that people need to learn to become pros. Whether its artreviewing, restaurant reviewing, film or car reviewing, the seasoned criticalways needs a solid idea of the kind of helpful content which will aid intheir readerships purchase choices. There’s nothing worse than an unhelpfulreview, everybody involved will feel like they’ve wasted their time, both inthe writing and the reading. So below you can find some of the best tips outthere to get you started in the world of E-Cigreviewing.

Keepit simple, stupid!

You’re not writing a poem or the next greatwork of literature. Over-embellished descriptions of Vape flavours will notgive a clear idea of the taste and will bore your readership. This will alsolet them know what to expect and have something to compare it by. If they don’tfeel “enlightened by the hints of strawberry and hear the whisper of cream”when they try the flavour you’re reviewing, then you’ve misled your audience.

Don’tbase the review on the first taste

Sometimes you may need to take a few triesto really understand the flavour. Depending on your mood, surroundings and thedevice you’re using a Vape’s taste can really vary. It can also vary due to thefood you’ve recently eaten. If the lemon flavoured e-juice tastes a bit like coffee, give it another go when you’vefinished your Espresso. Also remember to try the flavour in a variety ofdifferent devices; some of the higher powered vape devices may increase theintensity of the flavour, either to its detriment or to the flavours favour.

Trydoing some blind tastes

This type of reviewing can really enhanceyour palette in terms of the flavours you pick up. Good practice for anyreviewer! Try a variety of flavours, describe what you taste and then compareit to what it is advertised as. This can also act as a great antidote to thecolourful descriptions you often find on the sides of the liquids, or even inother reviews. Be a cut above the rest and enhance your senses and reviewing“voice”. This is a great exercise in reviewing and blind tastings are oftenused as a way for food critics to develop their skills as well.

Vapethe juice for an extended period

Unless your reviews are centred on thefirst taste, you should use the vape for at least a week before writing yourreview. This gives you time to notice the subtler flavours and how it lastsover a longer period of time. You may like a Vape taste on the first try butthen when it comes to the fifth day find it too sickly whilst it could be theopposite and in fact an acquired taste.

Makeit easy for the readers

Not all of your readers are going to havethe time or want to read the entire review. To cater to as wide an audience aspossible, assign a checklist of things to look for. Many Vape reviewers usethroat hit, flavour, flavour quality and flavour match. Once you have set upthese parameters then you can assign a numerical scale, say 1-5 or 1-10. Withthis, as well as your articulate write up, both an in depth reader and askimmer can create a picture of the e-flavour they are planning to buy.

Don’tforget design

Although you should never judge a book byits cover, the design of an e-liquid can really make or break its popularitylevels. Marketing requires branding, so as a consumer company you should alwaysconsider how memorable the packaging is and what it says about the company.Does the branding match the flavour names and flavours themselves?

Afresh palette and clean teeth

Always remember to brush your teeth beforevaping and to clean the palette afterwards with a glass of water. As mentionedabove, cross-contamination can lead to confusion and an inevitable retest.Don’t make this rookie error, keep your mouth hygiene at its best!

Alwaysuse your nose

When breathing in through your mouth alwaysremember to exhale through the nose. This will help to define any smells orflavours that you didn’t pick up on the inhale and will bring out some of themore subtle notes. Smell and taste are equally important factors. 

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