MOMO is a new range of e-liquids that prides itself on quality flavours. To find out more about their series, check them out on our website or the official MOMO website.

One of the flavours in their collection is entitled Pink Me (renamed from ‘Drink Me’ - probably for the best, I guarantee someone would have been silly enough to take that as an instruction rather than an Alice in Wonderland reference).


The first thing you’ll notice about the new e-liquid Pink Me from MOMO is that it’s very, very, super-dooper PINK.

The bottle, like all MOMO products, is brightly coloured (blazing hot fuchsia in this case) and stamped with the signature rocking out cyclops that is present on all MOMO e-liquids.

MOMO has already made a reputation for itself online as having a very distinct and, simply put, hella’ cool look going on.

Just check out their Instagram layouts or facebook page images to see what we’re talking about.


Pink Me is inspired by the oh-so sweet berry goodness and dreamy, scrummy creaminess of a classic strawberry milkshake. Advertised as a ‘tantalising potion from the heavens’, it has sure set the bar high of what to expect.

‘Strawberry milkshake’ may sound like a simple flavour, but it’s hard to pull off. It’s easy for a strawberry based flavor to taste synthetic or like cheap strawberry sweets rather than the real deal.

This is where Pink Me excels.

MOMO e-liquids capture a depth of taste that isn’t matched by many other brands on the market.

Reviewers are raving about the great taste of the Pink Me e-liquid and compare the sensation to drinking an old school, thick and dreamy Nesquick milkshake. Even though Pink Me is branded with a slightly girlier edge, this is a sure winner for any vaper who’s looking for a sugar fix.

Taste: top marks.


Pink Me comes in two sizes - 60ml (15 GBP) and 120ml (25 GBP). Check out our website or MOMO’s official website to buy this incredible e-liquid online. 

MomoPink me‘pink me’ e-liquid

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