Recently, the National Parks Service made it public that electronic cigarette use is now banned in all places of parks where smoking is already disallowed. The statement has caused a stir of controversy as the public are asking why the National Park Service officials consider vaping as a fire risk. After all, electronic cigarettes have no flame, no cigarette butts and no ash is left lying on the ground. In fact, electronic cigarettes are just battery operated like dozens of other electronic devices that are allowed to be used in the National parks. So, why are the officials attacking vaping?

No one can deny that forest fires are a serious problem, because every year fire cause over $750 million in damage, and various governments spend over two billion dollars trying to contain the blazes. Again, we can't deny that people cause approximately 90% of wildfires and most of them are linked to cigarettes. It only takes a little spark for wildfire to start, and soon it gets out of control. It is, therefore, makes lots of sense to ban smoking in the National Parks, but why are the officials banning vaping?

If the National Park Service officials are going to declare that battery-operated electronic cigarettes are a fire hazard, then they need to ban cameras, smartphones, iPods and electronic readers. Right now, there is no mention of other battery-operated devices banned even in high risk places.

Essentially, allowing smokers to come with electronic cigarettes to the National Parks could help reduce the fire risk substantially. In fact, if smokers are allowed to Vape, they may not be tempted to sneak with tobacco cigarettes, and some of these disastrous fires could be prevented. One study conducted in Massachusetts revealed that if states implement fire safe cigarettes, then the number of residential fire will fell by 35%. It is obvious that providing alternatives could be effective in eliminating/reducing the fire risks. So, why is the National Park Service ban vaping, instead of giving a green light?

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