kanger Mini Protank 3 Review

kanger Mini Protank 3 Review

Kanger Mini protank 3

Take your Vaping experience to another level with the Kanger Mini-Protank 3, which has been specially made to meet all your vaping needs. The shaft is user-friendly, as it comes with ample room. Although it comes with two 1.5-Ohm atomizers, this device cannot fit into all atty made for Protank 2 and other tanks such as Aerotank. The Pyrex glass tank capacity is1.5 ml that comes on the mini Protnk 3, so you never have to worry about replacing your glass in colors that you want.

Speaking of performance, the mini Protank 3 is undoubtedly superb. You get clean, healthy flavor, which is at par with the all-sought after Nautilus. There’s no leaks, gurgling, dry hits or zip and you will vape it to your last drop. Are you worried of the eliquid going below one-third of the tank? It has an improved airflow, which makes you vape it to your fill because of its maximum vapor production.

Features of Kanger Mini Protank 3

  • The Coil Heads are compatible with evod glass, aerotank, evod 2, T3S’D
  • Glass tube similar to mini Protank 2
  • More Vapor with no leakage or burning taste
  • Unique bottom filling and excellent bottom heating of up to 1.5ohm
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