Aspire Nautilus Tank Review

True vapor users are always looking for newer improved equipment to make their vapor experience more enjoyable. The Aspire Nautilus has a revolutionary new design that includes a pyrex glass tank which holds a huge 5 ml of eLiquid. It has dual bottom coils and an air flow control with four intake settings that allow the user the control to achieve the taste they love most.

With the large glass tank you can easily see when your E-Liquid is low. There are measurement lines telling you how full it is. And you can fill this tank without a syringe. Simply unscrew the cap and pour your E-Liquidcarefully into the tank. No mess, no spills, no waste and no extra accessories needed. The Pyrex glass is very durable with no reports of any leakages even after heavy use.

With dual coil heads at the bottom you have the ultimate flavour experience. These coils are replaceable, which again is less waste and less expense of use. They unscrew easily and reinstall new ones for the same great flavour you expect.

The unit itself is made from stainless steel. Making it very durable and long lasting. The stainless steel drip tip is slightly larger than others, but it fits very tight and works perfectly. Atomizers are also replaceable, saving you more expense and waste.

The main selling point of this unit is the adjustable air flow. There is a band on the lower side of the unit that turns to expose the holes for air intake. The holes range from .9 to 1.8 mm diameter. Each setting changes the air intake, vapour production and the pull you get from each puff. It also effects the pull of juice into the coils, if you have a thicker eliquid using a smaller intake hole ensures wicking action even with chain puffing.

Reviews on the Aspire Nautilus are excellent. Vapers love this unit for its durability, easy filling, replaceable parts and air intake adjustments. It comes highly recommended by regular vape users. All reviewers noted that the price point and quality are excellent and would purchase it again, as well as recommend it to family and friends. 

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