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Many people told us that they are disappointed in selecting the e-cig battery voltages; so we have listened and solved it for you. Now, you will find our brand new product which will give you better E cigarettes experience in everyday life. This product is an upgraded version compare with the other standard eGo battery on the market. You can easily select the voltage range by revolving the upper side knot of this battery. You can adjust the operating voltage from 3.2-4.8 V and a large 1100mAh capacity battery provides you better time for much longer using it. This type of eGo battery provides much energy so that you can easily use them in electronic cigarettes. Its easy-to-use control dial is capable for all your necessities. It will provide better performance of vaping experience which will give you better satisfactions. You will enjoy this product much better than previous ones that are similar because it gives you more options that any other type on the market. It is very user friendly and a much smaller design that other previous versions that do not allow you to select voltages as you like.

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