Hustler £10 50ml | Chubby Bubble £15.95 | Split it | LDN LIQ | Wake RTA Unboxing video 

Juice of the Week Hustler 50ml - £10

 Hustler Juice are a range of handpicked flavors designed to deliver rich and sweet fruity tastes that is smooth and very satisfying. Try it today!

Chubby bubble 40ml - £15.95 

Chubby Bubble Vapes come from a wonderful blend of bubblegum flavours packed with delicious sweet & fruitful mouthwatering climax to satisfy your taste-buds and those with a sweet-tooth.

Split it 80ml/60ml with nic shot - £19.99 

Remember Soleros? Split It is the latest addition to the ever popular Lolly Vape Co range. A creamy fruit dream, sweet refreshing orange shell packed with a delightful cream centre, why not give this amazing e-liquid a go, promise you won't be dissapointed!

LDN LIQ 10ml - £5.99

From Chelsea to Brixton all via Victoria. LDN LIQ is the city. Founded in 2015, they offer a modern taste of the city. The traditional mixed with the modern. Their vision has always been clear, to combine sleek design with flavours that match the mood of London. With a range encompassing fruit and sweet style flavours, they're offering only the best. Chelsea, Brixton and Victoria. For the true taste of the city.


WAKE RTA - Unboxing Video 

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