Best Vape Devices For A Cloud-Filled Autumn

Lookingfor the best vape devices on the market this autumn? Here are some of ourfavourites.

With vaping becoming so popular in recentyears, it’s no surprise that each year more and more flood the market place.Every vape shop in the country becomes flooded with new devices, pens and mods,all kitted out with the most innovative technology out there. The problem isthat with so much on the market, there’s a lot to process when it comes tofinding the best e cig UK. This is why we’vecreated a low down of some of our favourites to come out this autumn. With thebeautiful colour of the trees and auburn leaves fluttering to the ground,you’ll want to find a vape device to create beautiful looking and tastingclouds to match.

JoyetechAIO Starter Kit

The best starter kit on the market today,the Joyetech AIO is a simple and easy to use vape pen which cuts out thefaffing and lets those new to the hobby get to grips with everything they need.For an easy to use vape pen, the joyetech takes the biscuit in terms of howwell it still performs. With a great airflow and a variety of coil resistances,this vape pen is both versatile and simple to use.

SMOKProcolor Kit

With an OLED screen displaying its batterylife and coil type, this new innovation from the Smok team is, in contrast tothe Joyetech, an advanced piece of equipment suited for a vaping pro. If you’relooking for a heavily customisable vape device which gives you room to vape inyour own way then look no further. With the TFV8 Big Baby Tank installed, thissub ohm vape creates some of the biggest clouds out there, great for those wholove to cloud chase.

InnokinCool Fire Ultra

One of the most reliable models on ourlist, the Innokin Cool Fire Ultra has some of the best temperature controlsettings in the world. Its name comes from this very fact, and for a versatilevaping experiences ranging from mouth to lung to the sub ohm variety, you canbe sure that the Cool Fire has the temperature you’ll need for your optimumvape experience.

JoyetechAtopack Penguin

Named due to its black and white colour andmemorable curves, this pod=mod has been turning heads due to its wide range offlavours and amazing vapour production. Even the lowest quality vape juice willtaste good in the Penguin, bucking the pod mod trend and letting you put anyand all flavours in the cute little vape device.


This device from Smok is a Box Mod with a twist,offering a staggering 50W of power and a great temperature control array. Thelarger screen also means that you’ll never miss a decimal and bucks the trendof very small and almost unreadable displays. The small size of the box MODmakes this one of the easiest to carry with you hassle-free in day to day life.

JacvapourSeries B Tilt MOD

This brand new MOD has an innovative designin regards to its curved tank, fitting nicely into your hand, especially withits beautiful black and chrome colour scheme. The 18650 battery means that thisdevice also packs a punch whilst the vape while charging feature means you’llnever be vapeless, making this one of the go to vapes for both seasoned andfirst time MOD users.

VaporFiVEX Mod

This sleek high quality Vape Mod looks thepart whilst also featuring an amazing 75 W of power. This Mod is alsobrilliantly designed, the VaporFi company promising quality and longevity intheir products or your money back.

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