Coils can often be overlooked when it comesto the vaping experience. If you’re looking for that perfect vape then mostpeople tend to opt for a better battery or atomiser. The coil however, acts asthe free-flowing veins for the life blood of electricity. The more efficientthe coil, the better the vape, and the better the vape, the more fun you’llhave. Coils are one of the key components in maximising the vape flavour andmaking sure you have the best one for your device will ensure you get the mostout of your vape flavours. Below aresome of the best coils being sold at No 1 E Juice, and some of the ways inwhich you can make the most out of them.

VaporessoGT coils

Compatible with a range of NRG and Cascadetanks, the Vaporesso GT coil is one of the best examples of sturdy coil vaping.With a wattage range of 50 to 90 watts and the potential to go sub ohm, the GTcoil from Vaporesso is one of the best ecoils for mid-range devices.

VoopooUForce U2 coils

Fitting perfectly with the Voopoo device,these coils are a great example of vertically orientated manufacturing, andcome alongside organic wicking cotton, giving you the maximum piotnetial forflavour chasing.


Another sturdy example of low ohm vaping,tis 0.3-ohm coil for defender devices bring durability and quality together fora smooth vaping experience.

IJOY light up coils

Vape with style with this chip light upcoil from I JOY. With LED lights which flash when you taker an inhale, thesesub ohm coils and are incredibly versatile in that they work anywhere between50 and 215 watts.

AspireCleito Mesh Coils

Mesh coils are great for those looking fora fuller flavour to their vape. The Aspire Cleito’s mesh coils also bring a subohm experience and a well-priced replacement pack. On top of this, the coilswork at a broad stretch of wattages, bringing with them up to 80 watts ofpower. These vape coils are compatible with the iconic Cleito, Cleito EXO,Cleito Pro and K4 vape devices.

Howto ensure your coil lasts longer

The above components are just some of theexamples of killer coils available at No 1 E Juice. If you want to ensure greatquality though, take heed of these tips on coil maintenance and the mistakes towatch out for.

Don’tlet it burn

Burnt coils come about for a variety ofreasons, including overheating your device, not using enough e liquid and justplain tired wire. Oxidised coils will lead you to taste the burning, alsoinhaling toxic formaldehyde which forms when the coil metal begins to burn.

Don’tchain vape at high wattage

Chain vaping at a high wattage can be acause of the above burnt coil. This occurs in sub ohm vapers who like to vapewith a higher wattage, causing more heat to be produced. These vapers may beprone to a vaping for longer periods of time. The longer the inhale, the hotteryour coil will get, eventually cooking the vape juice on it due to excessiveheat.

Replaceit every few months

It is a wise idea then, to ensure that youreplace your coil every few weeks. When you begin to taste burning or find thatyour vapour production is somewhat lower than usual, it might be a sign thatyour coil needs replacing. Making sure you have invested in enough replacementcoils from No 1 E Juice will mean you’ll keep your device working to peakperformance.

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