Whilst the low powered vape device is pick up and go, vape mods and variable devices demand you’re in the know. These devices, readily available from your local vape shop, are often seen as some of the most powerful on the market and are known for their versatility and personalisation when it comes to individual vape preferences. You need to be able to change the wattage or voltage if you want to find your own vaping sweet spot. When it comes to the word “personalised” then, it’s quite difficult to gage an objectively perfect wattage setting to have. Depending on how you like to vape, this can vary.

What is a variable vape device?

A variable vape device is a device which can change the amount of power running through it. These vape devices are installed with a visual display and buttons which you can use to dial up or down the voltage or wattage. These devices are installed with microchips which can be updated through connection to USB cable and computer software.

What is variable wattage?

In vaping, variable wattage refers to the amount of power which is outputted by the device. This is a result of ohms law, which states that the current (or wattage) is equal to the voltage over the resistance (ohms). A variable wattage device will change the resistance and voltage to reach your desired wattage.

How does it differ to variable voltage?

As opposed to the output, voltage focuses on how much power is travelling from the battery into the device. The difference between variable voltage and wattage devices is like that of an automatic and a manual car. Variable wattage would be automatic, in that the other gears, or power measurements, will rejig to reach your wattage, whilst variable voltage devices only refer to the input, therefore requiring you to do some of the work yourself when it comes to finding your perfect vape levels.

Lowering your wattage means

When it comes to vaping, lowering your wattage will have a range of different effects. If high wattage power in your device brings too much intensity to your experience, here are the reasons you should lower it.

Less power through your device

Less power means less vapour. Those who want to mouth to lung vape or are using a PG heavy e liquid, might want to reduce the wattage for your vape device.

Higher PG juices tend to have more of a throat hit. This is because the organic compound is the ingredient in e cig liquid which carries the carriers of flavour and nicotine, whilst vegetable glycerine brings the thickness seen so often in sub ohm vape clouds. Put simply, less vapour leads to a more refined experience.

This goes for high nicotine contents as well. The more nicotine used in a vape juice, the less power you’ll want to use because of the throat hit.

A lower wattage will also decrease the strain on your coil and battery, leading to longevity of both. The all-day vaper on a high wattage variable could see their battery being drained in no time at all, whilst more efficient power usage will mean more time between charges at the expense of less intense vape clouds.

Higher wattage means

A higher wattage is suitable for those looking for sub ohm vaping experiences. The sub ohm vape juice tends to be lower in nicotine and higher in vegetable glycerine ratio. With a higher wattage and lower resistance, more electricity will be used, and vapour produced per exhale. This will mean more strain on your coil and battery, but with cloud chaser-worthy exhales as your prize.

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