Debunking a vaping myth could be the difference between a ten a day smoker and a healthy lung vape aficionado. Understanding why and where these myths come from is all part of the overall understanding of what these small little wonders can do, and the possibilities they hold. If you are looking to start vaping but are put off by the contradictory facts and figures out on the internet, then take a look at this list of common misconceptions about vaping. Understanding more about the process will help you to get to grips, if not get you started on your tobacco free journey.

Why do vaping myths come up time and time again?

When something as e cigarettes becomes popular, more and more experts weigh in with their two cents on the subject. As more and more focus brings more research into the matter, you’ll get different people from different sides of the argument giving facts and figures. Whilst we all know the dangers of fake news, it is also a case of questioning those official facts and figures, and how these numbers were actually compiled. Saying that vaping leads to underage smoking for instance, (a point we’ll get to later) could rely on numbers which were taken out of context. With this in mind, it is always good to scrutinise the facts given to us, and look into who and what company is delivering them to us.

We don’t know what is in e liquid

This is untrue. Whilst there have been concerns about a certain chemical called diacetyl being used, which has been linked to cases of bronchiolitis, we are certain that all premium e liquid companies are guaranteed to have been developed with only the best ingredients in them. Watch out for bootleg vape juices though, these can be made with a range of ingredients which aren’t accounted for, and should be treated with suspicion. However, all good vape shops will never sell a suspicious or unauthorised liquid.

Vaping must be dangerous because nicotine is poisonous

Nicotine is poisonous, if ingested directly. This is why vaping requires you to vaporise the nicotine infused liquid. Nicotine has been known to raise the blood pressure temporarily, and is addictive, but that doesn’t make it poisonous to vape with. It is all about the ingestion method when it comes to vaping, and this is also why vape bottles come with child and animal proof lids, ensuring that they can’t get into the bottle.

Second hand vape is as harmful as second hand smoke

This is untrue. When it comes down to it, there are hundreds if toxic chemicals being inhaled in tobacco smoke and nearly nothing in vapour. The one chemical which has been measured in trace amounts, is formaldehyde. The concentration in vape exhales is so small however, that it is no more prevalent than the air we breathe normally.

The tobacco industry are using vapes to keep people smoking

With 2.9 million vapers in the UK, more than 770,000 others have given up both vaping and smoking. With the increase of ex smokers who now vape increasing every year, there is no evidence to suggest that tobacco companies are using it tot turn customers back to cigarettes. If anything, it has changed the way that tobacco companies regard tobacco, and has actually led to many companies, such as Philip Morris making pledges to cut out tobacco from their product range within the next decade in favour if vaping.

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