How to DIY Your Own E Juice

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For extreme vapers or extreme DIY'ers there is a definite difference between buying your e-liquid and making your own, or maybe you want custom flavours that you cannot find anywhere else. Have you thought about or tried to mix flavours together to make something custom to your taste or just because you thought it would be awesome to test it?

So you think you want to try your hand at DIY flavours for your e-liquid but you do not know where to start. First is start slow without buying anything new or having to make a kit for yourself with all the necessary ingredients. You can start with the flavours you have on hand, if you have a bottle that is nearly empty, add a drop or two of a flavour that you think would compliment it. Shake it well, let it sit and breathe a bit so the flavours meld well, this takes a bit, you may not taste the full flavour benefit if you try to vape it immediately. So if you find that you enjoyed the new custom flavour you created, try some more. You want to make sure that it is something you are going to stick with and continue before you buy all the supplies. It does not save you any money if you buy all the needed supplies and then get bored after a flavour or two.

If you have been mixing your own flavours for awhile and you love having new creations to try out then you may be ready to go full DIY with creating your own e-liquid flavours from scratch. You can order some DIY kits, or you can get a list of necessary and optional supplies to get you started. In the long run it is cheaper to DIY your vapour e-liquid, as long as you are careful and mix flavours you will use and do not waste the ingredients.

Items you must have

  • Empty bottles
  • Syringes with low gauged needles
  • Droppers
  • PG/VG with or without nicotine
  • Flavouring

These are the bare necessities to get started. But remember that you are handling things that can be harmful and sometime if you are not careful what you order, deadly. You should also have protective supplies like latex gloves rubbing alcohol to clean up, something to catch anything that spills and even tweezers. You also may choose some type of sweeteners, Stevia or Maltol seem to be popular. You can begin with the bare essential supplies and safetly items then add other things as you go along. There are many informational boards online that offer recipes and DIY tips, tricks and help. This one I found very informative.  

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