Big tobacco companies do not want the e-cig market to continue growing anymore!

E Cigarette To Banned

There is still much controversy about e-cigarettes andwhether they should be regulated or banned or flavours should be banned,whether there should be similar laws about where you can vape and where youcan't, as with traditional cigarettes. The politicians have jumped on thisbandwagon, it seems, for reasons of money from the big tobacco companies thatdo not want the e-cig market to continue growing and they do not want people toquit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Politicians, specifically Senator Durbin and friends, aretouting all sorts of crazy information that is not proven nor do the scientificfacts even give any basis for their claims. Such as claiming that e-cigarettesare a gateway to smoking, claiming that studies show students were more likelyto smoke traditional cigarettes and less likely to quit smoking if they usede-cigarettes. The JAMA Pediatrics paper that they are touting about does notshow this evidence whatsoever, in fact it is very likely that e-cigarette usersare more resistant smokers of vapour only. So they are basically lying to thepublic and twisting the findings for their own agendas.

The worst of this, not only are they lying to the generalpublic, but they are attempting to put many vaping shops out of business usingthis lie. Using the report that they have and the lies that they are telling,they sent a letter to the FDA calling for an immediate ban on e-cigaretteflavours because they think this will stop the younger generation from vaping,or starting to vape. This type of ban would put thousands of vaping shops outof business immediately. And it will eliminate the majority of e-cigarettes onthe market. This would actually cause no variation in the ingredients ofe-liquids, every brand would be the same. There would be no competitionwhatsoever. This would cause thousands of people to be out of jobs, from themom and pop vaping shop to the manufacturers of e-liquids having to reduceemployees if they are only making one type of e-liquid. If you are going to putthousands upon thousands of people out of work, it should not be based on alie.

Understandably there is going to be controversy about somethingthat threatens the market of very large companies who have enjoyed theirmajority shares of profits for many years. That is what capitalism is allabout. But to have politicians and others trying to pass laws and bans andrestrictive guidelines about something based on lies is horrible unjust. It isgross bribery of the political influence. There should be no legal actionsuntil there are concrete studies that provide the true information aboutvaping. 

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