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Are you searching for the best replaceable parts for your vaping pleasures? In this ever changing market with new products and improved models popping up all the time it can get confusing. You want to spend your money wisely and know that you are getting high quality at the best prices. Beginning with specific parts of the total package and some explanations of what things are for those that are newer to mods.

Clearomizer, cartomizer, atomizer?

An atomizer is made up of a small heating coil and a material that wicks the e liquid and funnels it to the coil. The coil is small piece of resistance wire coiled around the small wick or material. The atomizer is connected to the battery, which causes the coil to create vapour once the e liquid reaches it. There is a mesh on top of the coil, called a bridge that regulates the e liquid.

The atomizers is what causes the vapour, but it can deliver the liquid differently. Direct dripping works by dripping a few drops of e liquid directly on the atomizer. This is the traditional method that many vapers still swear is the best. But there are some cons to this method: it can be messy, you have to refill more often, you have to always have e liquid with you, and it can get flooded if you overfill it.

Cartomizers use a tank system, it has a polyfill inside. Some use coils that are horizontal and most like the drip method. The most common is a vertical cartomizer coil. This does makes it so the coil does not have to directly touch the filler material.

Clearomizer is of course clear, the tanks hold your e liquid, feeding it to a wick in the atomizer head ont he device. They do not have filler inside the tank. This gives you a cleaner natural flavour and reduces the possibility of the burnt taste you sometimes get. Clearomizers are usually larger and hold more e liquid. They also usually have replaceable atomizer heads which greatly extends the life.

Clearomizers also come in dual and single coils. Dual coils will produce more vapour than single coils. They also offer greater throat hits because of the increased vapour. But dual coils will drain your batteries faster. And since more e liquid is being vapourised the wick has to have time to catch up with dual coils.

Learning the parts and how you can customise your APV will make your vaping experience more enjoyable, if you like that sort of thing. There are many mods that you can make and even learn how to build your own. If you are into DIY it can a lot of fun. 

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