Are Teens Using E-Cigs Than Traditional Cigarettes?

The big problem with all the concern about teens e-cigarettes use is that the evidence to date has shown no reason to be particularly worried about it. The research shows that adolescents who use e-cigs don’t have as many of the symptoms as typically seen in adolescents who smoke tobacco cigarettes. The majority of the teens using e-cigarettes are smokers, and non-smokers only become vapers very rare. However, the availability and the advertising of e-cigarettes are inducing teens who wouldn’t have picked up any type of cigarettes to start vaping.

The research coming from Wale, UK found that among 11-19 year olds, the number who would have tried e-cigarettes was higher than the corresponding number of traditional cigarettes. Given the complete lack of clear evidence to date, the findings really don’t concern many, and the claims of a potential gateway to tobacco cigarettes are utter bunk. This is a right move for tobacco companies that are looking forward to sustaining their business ventures, and have cleverly technique to introduce vaping as nicotine addition acceptable face.

Despite strong assurance from the industry that vaping is only an alternative for the established smokers; it looks like new customers are being brought into the market, including teens. The concern is about the number of kids who will start on e-cigarettes and then progress to traditional cigarettes. Although, it is early to tell once a cigarette smoker starts craving, it is most likely that any form of nicotine will be the altimate goal.

In the recent years, e-cigarettes have made rapid inroads into the lives of UK’s adolescents. The part of the reason for the popularity of the device is the perception among teens that they do not harm health. There is also an objective of controversy in the public health world, with some researchers arguing that that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit. However, others points out that e-cigarette users were twice as likely to fail at quitting smoking. Parents must be careful as e-cigarrette vaping among teens might progress to traditional cigarettes smoking.

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