It won’t come as a shock to many people when we tell you that cigarette prices have been hiked in recent years. This is due to new rises in duty tax and the ban on tobacco advertising meaning that prices have been forced up by the companies to make cigarettes more of a luxury product. This gives people another incentive to switch to the much healthier e-cigs which are far cheaper to use than smoking cigarettes.

It’s still tricky to say how much you save with e-cigs. This is because of the fact that it is such a young market place and as new companies form, bigger ones fail. New advances and innovative technology mean that prices can fluctuate drastically, leading to similar e-cig models from different companies having a major disparity in pricing. Another reason for the unstable pricings of vaping is due to the prohibition of its trade in many countries. This can lead to the devices being far more expensive where its trade is prohibited to certain areas. This is also true of countries where the law is still a grey area.

However, with all of these factors, vaping is still cheaper than it is to buy tobacco and far healthier for you as well. However, prices can add up, especially if you’re having vape juice delivered to you directly. Postage prices do need to be factored in. Here are a few tips as to how to save money on vaping, making sure it stays as a financially viable alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Get the Apps

Like with everything these days, there is always an app for it. That goes for vaping as well. Many apps online can help you to compare and contrast different flavours, finding out which one is right for you. You can find reviews, helpful tips and information from E Liquid Suppliers and can find great deals and bundle packages which can really help you to find high quality and cheap vaping supplies. These apps will also keep you up to date with the latest deals and new innovations being produced.

The Batteries

Make sure that the battery packs you are using are well maintained. There is nothing worse than batteries that run, dry leaving you with a powerless vape. Not only should you be looking for a high quality vape when purchasing from your UK ecig Stores, but a good quality and long lasting battery pack as well. There are also ways you can maintain your battery pack at home. One way to do this is to always remove your battery pack when refilling your vape with e juice. The reasoning behind this is that if any of the e-juice drops out when refilling and happens to land on the battery pack, its lifespan and power could be damaged irreversibly.


That’s right, E-liquid Suppliers, like any other retailer, will often have sales on many of its products. Find your local vaping shop and keep up to date with the deals you could get. Often you will find clearance sales for e liquids which haven’t been selling very well and may have some interesting flavours for you to try.

Sign up for mailing lists and news letters

There are many great writers on vaping. The newsletters can be both entertaining and informative and therefore it is always a good idea to sign up both online and in the post. These newsletters could also help you find out where to get the best discounts and which companies have the next exciting new flavour.

Maintain your e-cigarette

Find the device with the most efficient vaping system and clearomiser. Once you have purchased this product, you can then make sure you maintain it correctly. Wash out the mouth piece regularly to stop congealed e-liquid from lessening the vape hit and to make sure you get that satisfying throat hit. Make sure that your device has its own case and that you handle it with care. However sturdy your device, it can still be snapped in half if left in your pocket. Always make sure that you leave your vape device in a cool dry place and standing upright. If left upside down or on its side, a device can begin to leak and this will lose you money.

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