The production and distribution of quality e-liquids has become a booming market in recent years. With new quirky tastes and flavours coming out every day on the web and in stores, how can you separate the GOOD ones from the AVERAGE ones?

It’s hard to decipher which ones are the best, especially if they are new on the scene. Research is always key when looking to invest in a new flavour.

Reading this blog is a very, very good place to start!

We are constantly searching for the best the vaping market has to offer, which gives us a good position to point readers in the right direction. Check out our reviews or catalogue of vaping equipment!

Today, we want to introduce you to MOMO.

MOMO meet vaper wanting an e-liquid they can count on, vaper meet MOMO.


MOMO is a new range of e-liquids that is taking the internet by storm for its quality and richness of taste.

With their cool look and impressive e-liquid tastes, we highly recommend checking MOMO out.

They have four flavours in their new collection: Pink Me, Slam Dunk, Soda-Lish and finally Dreamy Drizzle.


We recommend trying out the whole MOMO collection if you can, as each bottle is filled with sensational and interesting flavour.

If you’ve been looking for a vape that can satisfy your desire for a lemon drizzle cake (we know you lemon drizzle fans you’re out there…) – MOMO can help.

With their Dreamy Drizzle e-liquid, available in 60ml or 120 ml sizes, MOMO can help make your dream come true!

This bright yellow bottle is stamped with the collection’s cool, cartoon mascot rocking out, and is filled with the zesty sugar fantasy you’re after.

Dreamy Drizzle invites you to:

“Tantalise your tastebuds and enjoy the flavours of a freshly baked lemon sponge cake straight from the oven, dusted with the sweetest brown sugar and drizzled with a zesty citrus lemon icing.”

Online reviews have celebrated Dreamy Drizzle as the real deal, praising it for delivering what it says on the bottle.


Interested in trying it for yourself?

You can buy it right now on our website

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