You may have heard of Snap Eliquids before.

They are the e-juice company that has a cute, smiling cartoon turtle on all their bottles. Ring any bells? If you haven’t gone ‘Ohhh yeah, the one with the turtle! I know them!’ don’t worry, we’ll catch you up to speed.

All you need to know about Snap Eliquids is that they are ‘The #1 Best Tasting Drink Flavors on the Market’, as is celebrated on their website homepage at, where you can find out more information about them.

The aim of this Los Angeles based e-liquid brand is to produce high-quality, well-produced tastes. Previous flavours from Snap’s collection range from Peach Iced Tea to PB&J to Apple Snap. Their flavours are not run of the mill to say the least.

Instead of clinging onto go-to tastes like ‘strawberry’ and ‘grape’ (if not done to a certain standard, they can taste artificial) but are dedicated to trying out new and innovative tastes unconquered by the market.

Reviews for these guys have been great all round. Vapers appreciate their dedication to providing rich and nuanced flavours in a market that is writhe with average and synthetic cheap imitations.

For example, their Apple Snap e-liquid (which is a perfect blend of both green and red apples) is highly reviewed by countless vaping blogs online. “Deliciously decadent”, “beautiful strong aroma” and “fresh sensation” are some of the keywords that come up time and time again in regards to the this tantalizing apple infusion.

Lemon Iced Tea

So, Snap Eliquids have a pretty good track record when it comes to producing top-shelf vaping flavours.

Their newest flavour Lemon Iced Tea is sure to live up to Snap Eliquids’ high expectations.

What should you expect from Lemon Iced Tea? It does exactly what it says on the (turtle covered) bottle.

This taste encapsulates the citrusy, refreshing goodness of a chilled lemon iced tea that you crave on a hot summer’s day. On the exhale, experience a fresh lemon kick and endless satisfaction.

Snap Eliquids newest e-juice Lemon Iced Tea comes in a 30ml bottle (Nicotine: 3mg) and is sold right here for 15.98 GBP.

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