Disposal VS Refillable E Cigarette

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E Cigarette sales have dropped recently after a soaring rise insales month after month for the last several years. It is not that vaping isgoing down hill, but many vapers have their setup already and may be onlybuying replacement items and eliquids. But on the market now the hot item istanks. Huge tanks that create massive amounts of vapour to seem even more liketraditional cigarette smoking.

Tanks allow for more control in the levels of nicotine and largeamounts of vapour to be released giving the vaper more of the feel of smoking.It gives vapers more control in how they like to smoke. The tank is much largerthan other e-cigarettes and offers longer vaping without refills.

Many tank users like the larger tank and the look of thedesigns. Many e-cigarette manufacturers have added tanks to their line-up ofproducts in the vaping sales. Since it is a newer item that vapers arebuying while other designs and disposables are slowing in sales, adding tanksis a positive move to help secure their market.

Tanks are slimmer now and have new designs that vapers like,there are even specific designs for women like the little mama from the makersof the big daddy. Many new styles and colours are being introduced, as well asstainless and glass tanks.

In the world of vaping, it is always evolving and getting newproducts to try as well as new flavours that come out every month. For vapersits a win win situation that they have a huge selection of products and mods tofind out what they like to use best. Those who customise their units lovehaving new gadgets all the time and new flavours to mix into custom personalflavours.

E-cigarettes are here to stay, even with all the controversy andlobbying to have strict guidelines and regulations on manufacturing and sales.As well restricting ages for buyers and research about health concerns themarket is not dropping significantly enough to believe that vapers are going tostop buying and smokers are going to keep switching to vapour. 

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