Smokeless cigarettes have grown to be almost a $3 billion market, and continues to grow. This is partly due to smokers who have switched to vapour rather than traditional smoking. Statistics show about 20% of smokers have tried e-cigarettes and many have completely quit traditional smoking in favour of e-cigarettes.

Some little known facts about Vapour or E-Cigarettes

  • Vapour can be inhaled second hand, but the effects of traditional cigarette second hand smoke is at least ten times stronger and more dangerous. Especially if the e-liquid is nicotine free. The burning effects are what make it so much more dangerous, that is why e-cigarettes are considered safer, because they are non-burning.
  • In some places e-cigarettes are still allowed where traditional smoking is not. Depending on the local regulations or ordinances. Make sure you know your local laws before vaping anywhere you feel like it.
  • Vaping can be cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. For example if a smoker smokes one pack a day, they spend about $2100 a year. The cost of a starter kit for an e-cigarette is $30-100 and the cost of e-liquid for a year is about $600 to be similar to one pack a day smoking. That is a huge savings.
  • Many e-cigarettes are rechargeable. As long as you do not buy the disposable type. The batteries are replaceable as well. Disposable types may or may not be cheaper to buy initially, but they are not in the long run.
  • Due to the fight over regulations and guidelines of c-cigarette manufacturing and sales, there is very little quality control. Right now much legislation is trying to be passed about regulating the market. Regulations as far as quality control may be positive, but others that go with that may not be. At this point where and from who you buy your e-liquid is something you need to be aware of so that you are getting high quality products that are not harmful.
  • There are thousands of flavour choices, and more being introduced all the time. And you can learn to mix your own custom flavours as well. This makes the choices nearly endless.

E-cigarettes have become almost instantly popular in the last few years. That is a pretty huge market for something that is not very old. Some of the reason that so many are trying to regulate e-cigarettes is because the large tobacco companies are losing revenue and have been slow to jump on the bandwagon. There is still much that is not known about e-cigarettes and many studies that are being currently completed. At this point everything points to vaping being safer than traditional smoking. If you use it to quit traditional smoking, it seems there has to be some benefits to your health. 

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