Clearomisers are often mixed up with atomisers, and there are a few simple steps to keeping them in good condition.

Clearomisers are often mistaken for the atomiser and are one of the most important parts of the e cigarette. The reason for this is that it is actually the compartment that houses all of these devices parts. This means that you need to take extra good care of it due to the fact that the device is completely dependent on the security of the clearomiser. The clearomiser then, is the name of the part of the device which stores the e liquid and converts it into vapour, therefore incorporating the coil, atomiser head and tank.

Top or bottom clearomiser?

A top coil clearomiser is a clearomiser which has the atomiser head at the top side of the device, meaning that you drip vape juice onto the atomiser via the top. Bottom coils are the exact opposite and knowing which kind you have and filling your vape device up accordingly can stop you having to deal with some nasty leakages and wasted vape juice.

Give your wick time to saturate

When you first fill up your vape device withe liquid,you’ll have to inhale for a while before the liquid is fully saturated into the wicking cotton surrounding the atomiser head. If you are impatient and inhale before it’s had a few minutes to saturate, you’ll experience dry hits, bad tasting hits of air and will most likely taste either nothing or just burnt metal from your cooking coil!

Line up the air holes

Having air holes in your device is crucial if you don’t want it to overheat and if you want to inhale a good thick draw. Making sure that when you are replacing parts of your device such as coils or refilling the tank, that you are also lining up your air holes will ensure that the device is getting the right amount of air for your perfect draw.

Match your kit

It’s not unheard of that someone will buy a vape device and a mismatching battery pack. Usually this ends up with a device which is either underpowered or overpowered, the latter of which can lead to a system overload and your vape device to explode! Making sure that you read the tech specs of your device and your charging kit, or better still buying both together, is vital.

Always screw your device tight

Another leak tip, screwing the tank back on correctly will stop you from encountering any leaks and wasted juice whilst vaping. With vape juice being relatively cheap, it’s still a nuisance and tough to clean out of your clothes when it forms a stain.

Always clean your device

Letting your device build up with gunk will lead to a less enjoyable vaping experience. Whether it’s a mixing of flavours or gunk cooking in your device and causing spit back, the fact is cleaning the tank is crucial.

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