Whilst vaping is known to be far healthier than tobacco, there are still a few dangers surrounding, albeit ones you can easily avoid.

Vaping has been promoted by as diverse organisations as Cancer Research UK, the London fire department and even tobacco giants Phillip Morris! The reason for this is that they have been proven to be 98 percent less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. That doesn’t meant that there are no concerns when it comes to vaping and your health. Thankfully, most of these are completely avoidable if you are vaping correctly and taking care of your device. Novices, listen up, this one’s for you.

Exploding vapes and how to fix

Vape devices have been known to explode. The reason for this is in the fact that circuit boards and battery packs, especially in unregulated mods are there to be played with by vaping veterans when it comes to circuit board building. This means that if you’re looking to make your own mods you should be aware of the effort which needs to go into building circuit boards and vape decks.

Avoiding a burnt coil

Burnt coils can lead to horrible tastes in your mouth and can add toxic chemicals to the vapour you’re inhaling. Most people change their coil every month or so, so keeping a tba on your vape taste will be vital in the coil health of your device. Vape devices with burnt coils will also be noticeable due to the potency of the vape hit diminishing, in part because of the decreasing resistance. Coils can be found in a variety of different metals, and so finding the one that suits you and the resistance you need is vital when purchasing them.

The curse of spitback

Spitback is a vapers worst enemy. The sensation of hot or “cooked” vape juice spitting back through the mouthpiece is one of the worst things a vaper can endure save for the device exploding in your face. Vape device spitback can occur when the vape juice heating up on the atomiser head begins to cook instead of vaporise. This vapor begins to bubble and burst, some of it spitting back down the mouthpiece. Sometimes this occurs when you overheat your device or when you oversaturate your wick, so make sure you get the right balance.

Getting the right nicotine balance

Nicotine is a prime concern for anyone looking to get into vaping. If too strong, the amount in your vape juicecan lead to headaches and nausea. This is because you are taking in more nicotine than you’re used to. The way to combat against this is to compare the amount of nicotine in your e juice to that of what you were smoking in tobacco. Vape juice starts at 3 mg of nicotine content and builds up to its legal limit of 20 mg, meaning that if you were a light smoker, you’ll be better off going for 3 or 6 mg vape juices whilst the ex-heavy smokers among us will want to reach from 12 to 20 mg.

Vape juice

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