Travelling and loving vapes can be a tricky road to manoeuvre, here’s what you need to know.

One of the biggest worries for those who love to vape is what they’ll do on long haul flights. If you’re a vape lover, then finding the time to vape whilst travelling can be tough, especially if you’re facing long flight times and the stress of the queues and delays that come with almost every airport visit. You may feel the urge then more than ever to relax with a good vape sesh, but unfortunately there will have to be rules you must follow. Whether it’s that you’re travelling to countries where vaping is banned, or you’re looking at a transatlantic, day long flight, you’ll have to brush up on your vape law knowledge.

Vaping in airports

Vaping in airports needs to be treated like any other public place. At the end of the day, laws on vaping are still pretty strict if you’re in enclosed spaces surrounded by people. If you’re in the street it’s different, but in a controlled space such as an airport you will be treated as a vaper in the same way that smokers are treated. That is that in many airports there will be dedicated areas for smoking either before or after checking in your baggage. This means that you have to find an attendant in the airport who can point you in the right direction to these areas. Airports that adhere to this policy include Munich and Charles de Gaulle where, if you want to avoid cigarette smoke, this will cause some major problems.

There is some hope though; many airports do allow vaping, sometimes as far as the terminal gate! Heathrow is in this camp, whilst airports such as Glasgow and Edinburgh allow vaping inside but not as far as the terminal gate.

Vapes on a plane

What about vaping during your flight though? With heightened

restriction on what can be placed in your overhead baggage and what needs to be kept in the cargo hold, you’ll have to check with airlines to specify exactly what the rules are. Generally speaking though, e liquids will have to be placed in the cargo hold due to you not being allowed liquid on your flight. The same goes for perfumes and other liquids when travelling through security. To make sure you don’t waste any e liquids, store them away with your cargo luggage.

Can you bring your vape devices on board?

With the likes of e cig mods, you’ll definitely have to keep your hands off the electrical devices during your flight. With a restriction on electrical equipment which could interfere with the navigation systems of the plane, there’s good reason for the no electronics rule. To make up for this, you can sometimes find vape devices being sold on board flights. Companies such as Ryanair sometimes sell designated heat not burn devices which adhere to their rules on vaping, meaning that you shouldn’t expect any massive vape clouds, most likely disappointing globe trotting cloud chasers out there.

Where is vaping illegal?

What’s more, you may have to think twice about taking your vape device travelling at all with you! In some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Venezuela, you can expect outright bans on vaping,. Some countries may have banned e liquid, but still allow vaping. Most of these countries have banned the devices and liquids associated either due to political reasons such as tariffs and taxes or due to religious doctrine relating to addictive substances. Wherever you’re travelling, make sure that you’re in the know on what is legal and illegal in the country your visiting.

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