Vaping was originally designed as a smoking cessation tool, and has been so popular in being one, that it has become a phenomenon. As a nicotine alternative using clean inhalation rather than the damaging effect of tobacco, more and more people are taking up vaping, especially due to its flexible nature and the wide range of flavours available, vaping has overtaken sales of tobacco products in the UK alone. All of this might look like a sure-fire hit for ex-smokers looking for a cheaper and healthier alternative, but it can still be difficult to make the transition. With age old habit mixed with a pleasure from the moreish effects of nicotine, it can be difficult to swap the cigs. Below are some helpful tips for those looking to make the transition

Go for a vape device which looks like a cigarette

Many modern vape devices look a lot more like walkie talkies or futuristic space ships these days but finding a simple vape pen or cigalike might help you to make the transition. Part of the addiction to cigarettes links back to the shape and feel of a cigarette in your hand, between your fingers, the physical movement of it. If you are looking to ease the transition, start with the devices designed to resemble your past addiction

Keep your device simple

First time vape users aren’t necessarily looking for vape devices with flash and style or for the best e liquid in the UK, merely for an alternative nicotine supplement. Cigalikes and vape pens are often kept very simple, cigalikes coming without a power button and being inhale activated. These devices often have cartridges, which are easy to install. Whilst vape pens are little more complex, they have easy to use temperature control settings and small tanks for discreet vaping

Tips For Recent Ex Smokers

Go for higher PG vape juices

Propylene Glycol is the ingredient in vape juice which carries the nicotine. It is also the base compound which carries the flavour of vape juice. The more PG in a vape juice, the higher the nicotine content can be, and the bigger the throat hit. The more nicotine in a vape juice, the more the sensation will resemble that of smoking. If you are a vaper who used to be a heavy smoker, then you may want to go for higher nicotine content in your vape juice. Vape juices can reach up to 20 mg of nicotine concentration per 10 ml bottle and can cater to all needs

Get involved in the vaping community

There’s nothing like a little community support and ensuring that you have the people around you who will help you kick your addiction is vital for any ex-smoker. The vaping community is a supportive and inclusive one, and the members of your local vape shopw ill no doubt support you in your escape from addiction

Best vape juices to try

So, if you’re new to vaping and want to make your transition as smooth as possible, what are the best vape juices for you to try? With so many out there, we’re all bound to have different tastes. That being said, there are definitely vape juices which are far better suited to the ex-smoker than the veteran vaper. Below are some of our favourites on the market today.

Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid by The Coffee House

Tobacco coffee is a vape juice which comes with the great taste of coffee and tobacco, meaning that you get that rich mix of earthy roasts, and with a better taste than the days of a coffee and a cigarette! These rich flavours come together to give the ex-smoker a great hit, and with a VG level of 70, this juice is perfect for the nicotine heavy sub ohm vaper

Caramel Tobacco by Yankee Juice Co

Another sweet tobacco flavour from the world-famous Yankee Juice. This vape juice is perfect for that great blend of sweet and bitter, giving you a a range of complex tones for a vape you simply can’t put down

NS20 555 Tobacco E-Liquid by Element

Element vape juices are one of the pioneering companies behind the nicotine salt craze. These vape juices mean that heavy nicotine users can get a better hit without the harshness on the throat. Nicotine salt bypass the need for freebasing, using benzoic acid to bind the nicotine to the vape juice instead, and ensure that you are always satisfied.

NS20 Honey Roasted Tobacco E-Liquid Pod by Element

Another great sweet and bitter tobacco honey mix, Element’s e liquid devices are compatible with pod mods, meaning that they are even easier to use than your average vape device. This is great for new vapers and ex-smokers, who may feel intimidated by the use of a tank and the fiddly nature of the refill.

Vape tips

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