CBD vape juices have become increasingly popular in the past few years. With the new innovations in vape liquid combinations and the research into its medical benefits, CBD has become increasingly popular. One of the shining lights in the exploration of CBD’s potential in vape juice, is the E Liquid company Ambience. This amazing company is one of the most innovative out there, bringing new CBD flavours onto the market whilst striving for only the best in quality. But what exactly is CBD and how could it benefit you?

The ins and outs of CBD

CBD is one of the chemicals found within the cannabis plant. This natural chemical makes up to 40 percent of the cannabis plants extract and has a range of amazing properties. Whilst it is not psychoactive like its THC cousin, it can still help with a range of medical ailments that have helped people across the world. CBD can be extracted from the plant and is adaptable to a range of different forms including edibles, aerosols and vape oils. Whether you’re looking for a new treatment for a medical ailment or you simply love the taste, CBD is the perfect addition to your UK e liquid collection.

The benefits of CBD

CBD has been known to help with a range of both physical and psychological problems. CBD has helped to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress. It has also been used as a way to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, diabetes, epilepsy and arthritis, making it a multi-faceted chemical with little to no psychoactive effects.

Ambience CBD Juices

Ambience are just one of the vape juices sold at No. 1 Ejuice, and are one of the most popular on the market today. This collection of vape juices has been lovingly crafted and flavoured to perfection ensuring that you get the benefits of both the CBD and the tantalising natural flavours that come with it. These vape juices all contain a PG 80 to VG 20 ratio, opting for taste over vape clouds and making this the perfect juice for a CBD connoisseur.

Menthol E-liquid CBD by Ambience

The taste of hemp mixed with the cooling aroma of menthol. This fresh vape juice from Ambience brings relaxation in both the effects of the CBD and of the chilly kick of menthol. For those looking for a breath of fresh air, the menthol CBD vape juice from Ambience has found the perfect combination.

Strawberry E-liquid CBD by Ambience

This fruity vape juice from Ambience brings the best of the summer right into a CBD bottle. With a range of nicotine concentrations and sizes available, this British Strawberry flavour is moreish enough to have you vaping all day long.

Vanilla Custard E-liquid CBD by Ambience

There’s nothing like a dessert topped with vanilla custard. This sweet and warming vape juice provides a smooth hit, made only smoother by its calming CBD levels.

Pomberry Fusion E-liquid CBD by Ambience

Pomberry Fusion from Ambience is a CBD liquid like no other. Incorporating several tantalising fruits, this juice is an all day vape blend rivalled by none. This vape juice brings in a tropical blend of pomegranate, berries, melon and mangosteen, all topped by a dollop of CBD.

Sweet Cherry E-liquid CBD by Ambience

Nobody can say no to the tart sweetness of cherries, and the rich combination of those moreish fruit and CBD is a partnership to die for. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick me up or vape flavour to keep puffing on, this CBD enriched juice will be a real contender.

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