What Is A TPD Clearance? The Best Deals At No1 E Juice

Whether we like it or not, vaping fallsunder the tobacco product directive due to its use of nicotine, and that meansthat when the laws surrounding nicotine and tobacco change, you can be sure tosee some changes to the vaping market as well. If you’re looking for greatdiscounts, just wait till the TPD Law changes. Whilst there are none in sightright now, you can be sure that at some point in the future there will be newchanges which will mean more discounts for the vaping community. Below iseverything you need to know about the TPD Laws.

Whatare the TPD Laws?

The TPD laws were created to control thesafety of nicotine-based products such as e cigarettes. Covering amny types oftobacco products, the Tobacco Product Directive regulations mean that there arecertain limits placed upon vape products. This means that many products havehad to be taken off the market due to their not being compliant with the newlaws, which were introduced in May 2017 by the UK government. In some ways thiscame about because vaping became a victim of its own success. Once it becameclear just how popular vaping was becoming, the laws became set ins tone afteryears of debate and discussion surrounding vaping and its use by minors as wellas the disputed benefits of vaping over tobacco products.

Maximumtank size

The TPD laws stated that every vape deviceon the market must not exceed a set maximum tank size. At 2 ml, this changedthe way that vape devices could be sold and meant that many devices had to beredesigned so as to ensure they never exceeded 2 ml in their tank.

Maximumnicotine strength

The maximum nicotine strength set by theTPD laws was 20 mg of nicotine per 10 ml bottle. This meant that pre-filledvape bottles could only reach 20 mg, frustrating many vape users who believedthat this would deter heavy smokers from making the swap, they desiring morenicotine in their vape hits. The way that vapers have got around this sticklerof a law is by creating short fill vape juices which are nicotine free and canhave nicotine shots added to them. This means that you can add as a high aconcentration of nicotine as you like to your vape juice, without worryingabout the 20 mg maximum.

Maximumbottle size

Vape bottles containing nicotine come at amaximum size of 10 ml, which ahs led to several arguments about the wasting ofplastic and packaging on these smaller bottles. Again, vape companies havemanaged to bypass this law by creating larger short fill vape juices containingno nicotine, which you add to it. These can reach anywhere up to 50 ml and arefar less wasteful than the 10 ml bottles.


Since the TPD laws came into practice, ithas meant that vape companies have been given a limited amount of time to sortout their products to ensure that they are TPD compliant. This has also meantthat vape stores such as No 1 E Juice had to flog their non-compliant waresbefore the law kicked in. This led to many UK e juice sales across the country, and a few days of mass bargain huntingfor vape hungry cloud chasers.

Bestdiscounts at No1 E Juice

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