There’s a lot to learn when it comes to vape mods. Don’t worry though, we’re here to break it down for you.

Over the last few years, vaping enthusiasts have become increasingly obsessed with Vape Mods. As vape devices have developed and grown, becoming a craze and culture of sorts, vape mods have been one of the most exciting additions to come out in recent years, become the trail blazers in most UK ecig Stores around the country. These device addons will satisfy all vaping pros who are bored of the same old vape pens and cig-alikes, looking for a new way to get that optimum throat hit and up their cloud chasing game. What’s more, the mod scene is an ever changing one, new innovations in vape technology pave the way for how mods work, making the community even more exciting and innovative in the process.

What makes a Mod?

Far larger than vape pens or cigalikes, mods can produce far larger clouds and a more intense flavour. Once you’re used to the standard vape pens and E-cigs, you’ll want to up your game, and Ecig Mods are exactly what the doctor ordered. With a larger battery and diverse voltages, you can tailor your vaping experience to just how you like it. Although bigger in size and often more difficult to carry around, ecig mods are less about ease of transport and more about flexibility. Big on the DIY scene, many veteran vapers are using their own skills and knowledge of devices to create boutique experiences. These are then reflected onto the industry itself, many ecig companies taking these indie innovations and relaying them into the wider vaping world. If it weren’t for those few enthusiasts experimenting with their devices, the vape scene would not be the unique and diverse environment which it is today.

A brief history

As vape devices were introduced to Europe in the mid noughties, the demands and requirements for the devices began to change as vaping grew in popularity. In the early days of vaping, many enthusiasts would modify flashlights and torches, scrapping out the inner circuitry and replacing with tanks and batteries to create their very own tailored vapes. These would become the prototype of the vape mod, which has now widened in its definition to be any device which uses a battery. The original term however, was “modified” device, referring to the modifications that people would add to their devices for that tailored experience. Modifying your vape now includes bigger and better tanks, self-made inner circuitry such as atomisers and clearomisers and even coils.

Mechanical Mods

Usually reserved for experienced vapers, Mechanical mods don’t faff around with inner circuitry and wiring, preferring instead to link the battery and atomizer inside your device directly. This means there is much room for modification, letting vapers choose how they vape. With modifications of the battery and power outage, vapers have the freedom to choose how subtle or potent their devices flavours are. Beginners should be wary; the mechanical mod is designed for those how know what they’re playing with. Unskilled hands are in danger of blowing their circuits and potentially breaking their devices if the battery can’t handle the load required. This can lead to vape devices exploding and in some cases fires.

Regulated Mods

Regulated Mods differ from mechanical ones in the fact that they have a more formalised circuitry. The addition of inner circuitry means that these types of mods are prevented from short circuiting. You’re in safe hands then with the regulated mod, which comes in many shapes and sizes, making these wieldy than the mechanical mod and come with customisable temperature controls, a long battery life and adjustable wattage.

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