kanger Aerotank Mega Review

The  Kanger Aerotank Mega continues the battle for dominance in the glassomizer sub-market. Compared to the Aspire Nautilus it measures up very well. In some ways the Aerotank Mega surpasses the Nautilus, in some ways it does not mostly in the capacity. But with the dual coil bottom coil glassomizer tank it steps up vaping to a much higher level. Price is the other downside of the Aerotank Mega, but hopefully that will come down when it is not so new.

Aerotank Mega

If you are not into rebuildables but you enjoy a variable voltage or wattage and want a more advanced personal vapouriser, then the Aerotank Mega is one you definitely want to try. It offers intense flavour and clouds of vapour that will impress even the skeptics. The variable adjustments are much more advanced than in previous models.

The choice of two tanks is a great option, having the sleep stainless tank or the Pyrex glass choice makes it perfect for everyone, or just for people who change their moods. The design looks and feels more like an expensive rebuildable atomizer. The tank has good weight, is thick stainless steel and a showy matte finish. The air flow adjuster matches with the same matte finish dial. The performance is not any different in the two tanks, it seems to be a cosmetic or personal opinion option.

The stainless steel drip tip can be easily replaced with more fancy wooden or plastic tips. the coil heads seem to last a very decent amount of time, average about a week. And it just looks awesome! If you have always wanted to vape with an RBA for the "look" you can now have the look with a tank that is much easier to replace the coils.

Aerotank mini

The newly designed coils are larger and look more sturdy and they have hidden wicks. The coil heads are 2.0ohm and they definitely out perform the Aerotank and the Mini. They are supposed to last twice as long as the Aerotank and the Aerotank Mini, and they really do seem to hold up without any degradation in the vapour.

There are a couple things that you have to be cautious about in the construction of the Aerotank Mega, or at least do things slightly different than you are used to. When you fill the tank, the seals are broken temporarily, eliquid will leak from the drip tip and could get onto the centre post. If you simply wrap a paper towel or cloth around the mouthpiece this will not happen.The new and improved airflow controller has a more precise dial with about twelve different draws, nearly twice that of the older Aerotanks. Also the dial does not have notches but is the same matte finish as the tank, making it more expensive looking and feeling when you are turning the dial. Having such control over the airflow is amazing and the amounts of vapour you can produce with this unit will just blow your mind.

All in all this Aerotank Mega is a great improvement and a long time coming, even if the tank is a bit smaller than expected, it is still a worthwhile unit to have in your vape collection. With the improved airflow adjustments you get intense flavour and clouds of vapour. The coils last twice as long as the Aerotank and the Aero Mini. And the look is sleep and expensive. A must have!

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