The uptake of electronic cigarettes, which uses cartridges powered by battery to produce nicotine-laced vapour, has taken the world by storm in the past few years. Evidence shows that e-cigarettes vaping can help traditional cigarette smokers quit. Researchers found that a paucity of robust scientific studies on electronic cigarettes and their capacity to help people stop smoking are far pointing at likely benefits. However, the addiction is more than just mere chemistry, it involves the rituals like taking long, luxuriant puff, or holding the real thing between the fingers may be habit-forming just like nicotine itself.

The medical research group from New Zealand and UK analysed more than two previous randomised controlled traills on the role of electronic cigarettes in quitting smoking and concluded that they had beneficial effects. These researchers found that in every ten smokers who used electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, at least one gave up within a year. Although, some experts fear they could be a gateway to traditional smoking, others say they have tremendous potential to help millions of smokers around the world quit their deadly habit.

According to researchers, the best way to stop smoking can be a drug-delivery system that simulates an ordinary cigarette as closely as possible, but contain none of the irritating carcinogens and other poisons which come from burning additives and tobacco leaves. It seems e-cigarettes would fit that bill; because these devices are designed to resemble the traditional cigarettes accept the carcinogens and other poisonous substances.

To stop smoking is an ideal outcome, but puffing is really good for you as well. The research suggests that electronic cigarette vaping help individuals who cannot absolutely give up to cut their smoking habit significantly. In that study, more than 60% of electronic cigarettes vapers were able to reduce their consumption by half, compared to less than 45% of individuals using nicotine patches. In general, e-cigarette vaping can help traditional cigarette smokers quit. Avoid the controversy, and save your life!

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