The recent data have shown clear evidence that e-cigarettes have led to schizophrenia among several public health officials in the UK. The new campaign, protect your family from cigarettes, would be a joke of the year if it were not so fatally serious. It is surprising to see the devotion of the public health leaders to maintaining their agendas at the expense of their true mission; enhancing the health status of the citizens.

The officials are not trusted about the public problem, cigarette smoking. They say e-cigarettes are worse than smoking in their recent report. This report is lazy, inaccurate and misleading. Shortly afterwards the scientists admitted that they had not heard any expert say that.

Cigarette smoking is the most important and preventable public health problem in the world. It is projected that more than five hundred thousand smokers succumb each year prematurely, with 20 times that number sickened. There are over 15 million smokers in the UK, and more than half try to quit yearly, yet only 5% succeed. The FDA approved products such as gums, patches and drugs can help improve the success rate to about 10%. Unfortunately, the official lines from FDA advice smokers to either stick to the FDA-approved products or quit.

Given the 90% failure rate of these FDA-approved products, this amounts to advising desperate smokers to either quit or die. E-cigarettes technology is apparently sweeping up conventional cigarette smokers and turning them into ex-smokers. Ask yourself this question, what has the public health officials found concerning these lifesaving products? Although there is no evidence indicating that e-cigarettes are harming anyone, the message to smokers remains, don’t try them and keep away.

Let health official not replete e-cigarettes with both misleading and false statements that, in general, make the product seem to be worse than or bad as the real thing. Remember to read health officials e-cigarette news, if you want for enjoyment, but never believe every word they say.

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