Regardless of whether you are a non-smoker, an ex-smoker or a smoker, you are aware that smoking rates in the world are on the decline. With the increasing availability of alternative to get people quit and improved education concerning the dangers of smoking conventional cigarettes, fewer people are smoking today than at any time on record.

The introduction of electronic cigarettes has played a significant role in the decline of traditional cigarette use. However, report after report has linked chemicals found in electronic cigarettes with several health risks. These reports have no evidence about the negative impact of electronic cigarettes on users’ health, making them an ideal alternative to tobacco use. Unfortunately, electronic cigarettes are facing many challenges in the recent months from a few reports showing unrealistic health risks.

According to the report released by National Jewish Health: electronic cigarettes have higher potential respiratory viral infection. It further states that, regardless of whether the liquid contains nicotine or not, the infection is the same in the epithelial cell examined. Another unrealistic abstract released recently from a study published online in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that during the Vaping process, formaldehyde with traces of hemiacetals is formed.

With all these studies on electronic cigarettes, there is no tangible evidence to show their long-term health effect. In fact, the study on electronic cigarettes shows that Vaping could prevent people from starting to smoke tobacco cigarettes and help some longtime smokers quit the habit. This is translated by the declining number of cigarette smokers in the UK and the U.S., where Vaping is on the rise.

Today, the bigger problem for the electronic cigarette industry is the expected involvement of Food and Drugs Administration. Fortunately, the FDA can only regulate tobacco products; it cannot directly regulate tobacco companies. For this reason, electronic cigarette companies should produce and sell more. It will only become a challenge if FDA classifies electronic cigarettes as tobacco products

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