A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence is showing the current addiction levels for the use of tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and nicotine gums. With the evidence already existing that electronic cigarettes are far less addictive than conventional cigarettes, it is good news to see that nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes are also less addictive than nicotine gums. The study demolishes anti-vaping efforts based entirely on nicotine addiction.

The study determined the dependence rating for people using nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. In contrast to the statement of many ant-vaping groups, which have been claiming that the electronic cigarettes are as addictive as the real thing, the evidence shows that electronic cigarettes have less addictive potential than traditional cigarettes. In fact, they are much lower than nicotine gum, which are probably not addictive; suggesting that electronic cigarettes do help smokers break the smoking addiction. Again, this neutralises the arguments that e-cig to be under strict control, or completely banned by virtue of being addictive product.

While the use of electronic cigarettes by teens remains an important concern, it does not appear that a huge number of teens are becoming addicted to the product. Even among formers smokers who reduce their nicotine use by using electronic cigarettes, their dependence level on e-cigarettes seem to be less than the dependence level that nicotine gum users’ display. Interestingly, the users of nicotine-free electronic cigarettes were slightly fewer than users of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes: an evidence indicating that nicotine in electronic cigarettes is not strong addictive as in the case of traditional cigarettes.

The bottom line: electronic cigarettes work with liquid nicotine solution, flavor, and zero tobacco. Yes, nicotine is a tobacco product, but there is no actual tobacco whatsoever involved in electronic cigarettes. The devices are either a cartridge filled with liquid attached or just filled with liquid; no tobacco is used in the process, in any way. Electronic cigarettes do not have addictive potential, and it is not designed to come close. Only a huge part of the action simulates smoking!

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