A Guide To Cleaning Your Vape Device

Yourtrusty vape device might vape smoothly but it will still need some TLC everynow and again.

So you’ve had your vape device for a whilenow. Everything is running like clockwork, you’re enjoying those new vapeflavoursyou’ve just bought fromyour local vape shop and you’re ready to blow some killer clouds. But thentragedy strikes, your vape device stops working. You don’t know what’s wrong,it could be an old coil, it could be a dead battery or it could be that you’veneglected to clean it for a long time. Vape devices need a good spring clean,just like any other everyday accessory, so taking the time out to make sureit’s had a good servicing is vital if you want your device to run smoothly.

Whyshould you clean a vape device?

It’s simple really; cleaning your vape devicewill enhance its performance. Without a clean every now and again your devicecould fall into a state of disrepair. Whether that means that the vapeflavour tastes worse or you have diminishing power from the usually subohm device is all evidence of the need for a vape clean.

Gunkbuild up

E liquids are made from a variety ofingredients which react to temperature changes. This is how they turn fromliquid into water vapour. With ingredients including propylene glycol andvegetable glycerin, both solvents derived from plant matter, it’s easy to seehow once heated, the liquid can turn back into solid and cause gunk to build upin the mouthpiece and tank. The saturation of the wick, the part of theatomiser which is heated up to allow the vapour to be inhaled, is also aprocess which can lead to a clogging. objectively , this is all just a resultof adding a liquid mix into an electronic device with small parts.


Have you ever suffered from vapers tongue?This ailment is a blanket term but often denotes a used up coil. The burnttaste you often get from a dodgy coil can be due to the fact that the metalit’s made from is susceptible to heat reactions. The coil is the part of thevape device which connects the battery with the atomiser, allowing the vapejuice to be heated up through the electricity running through the coil althoughthese can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, the coil will eventually haveto be replaced due to its being used up.

Whenyou change flavours

Changing your vape flavourscan necessitate an interior rinse ofyour device. When you need to refill your tank and decide to try a new one, youcan end up with an unwanted flavour mix and match. Unless intended, this canlead to some weird and unsavoury tastes, which unless you’re prone toexperimentation with your vape juice, is probably not going to go down wellwith the everyday vaper.

How toclean your vape device

It can be very easy to clean a vape device,taking very little time at all to give your equipment a good rinse out. Thereare various methods, all of them catering to a vape users different needs.What’s great is that both of the major methods of cleaning your device requirelittle preparation and can be undertaken with goods already in your house. Thatmeans no extra money spent on vape cleanign tools.


A mild rinse is useful for the everyday clean.When your device is not in dire need of a clean, this thorough yet quick methodof rinsing will have your device ready to go in no time.

For the mild rinse, the first thing you mustdo is fill up a bowl with warm water, ensuring that the bowl is big enough tofit all of your vape devices parts in. Once you’ve done this, take the tank offyour vape device and get rid of any e liquid inside of it, either by disposingof it or siphoning it into a refill carton. Take your device completely apartand place all of the parts in a bowl. These parts will consist of the vapetank, the mouthpiece, the body of the vape and the coil. If the coil is worn out,throw away the old one for replacing when you reassemble your vape device. Washout the tank with the water, only using soap if it has got very dirty. Take outeach part of the device and dry separately with a cloth, letting them stand todry for a 10 minutes before reassembling your device.


The deep clean uses the same process as a mildclean, but opts for other liquids than water. This can include vinegar oralcohol or even vape juice base compound propylene glycol if you can get yourhands on it. This will ensure that your vape device is bacteria free and thatany grit has been thoroughly dislodged.

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