The coil is an often-overlooked part of a vape devices make up, but what material you use could have significant impact on the satisfaction you get from vaping.

With vaping being an eco-friendly alternative to smoking, ceramic coils are at the forefront of innovating the industry. With much smoke being blown about the benefits of certain coil materials, there is truth in the fact that each will change the power and efficiency of your device. Vaping is an environmentally conscious hobby, and with so many metal alloys making our coils, there may be more renewable alternatives. Instead of opting for nichrome or Kanthal as your coil, ceramics is fast becoming a far more popular alternative than previously thought. So, what is the ceramic coil, and how could it enhance your vaping experience.

What’s the change in modern ceramics

From kitchen knives to bullet proof vests, ceramics are used in all manner of every day and not-so every day objects. With so many materials being made of ceramics, there’s been a major change in how we perceive them. From the old days of traditional ceramics use in pottery and brick work, we now see a major change in the chemical make up of the material. Nowadays ceramics are used in advanced engineering and as semiconductors, one of the properties which makes them useful in vape devices. Ceramics durability under high heats is a great reason to use them in vape devices.

The ceramic coil

One of the main problems with coils, is that they are inherently doomed to degrade. Metal’s risk of oxidisation and the heat it is exposed to means that we constantly need to change our coils. The coil for those who don’t know, is the piece of metal which connects the vape tank with the battery, allowing the vape juice to be heated electronically and vaporised through the mouth piece. With wick saturated with vape juice placed around the coil, or atomiser, the atomiser is responsible for heating it up, the crucial connection holding a vape or ecig mods very essence together. So, having a less reactive material as your coil will only lengthen the time between coil changes. A win win, right?


So aside from the obvious, what are the other benefits of investing in a ceramic coil?

No dry burning

Dry burning is one of the side effects of an old coil degrading. When you dry burn you can get a burning taste through the mouthpiece of your vaping device due to the oxidised parts of the coil intermingling with the vape juice, failing to release vape liquid. Whilst unpleasant, this can be defended against with a longer lasting and less reactive coil. Due to the lack of metal alloys or a coating of ceramics surrounding it, you’re never going to get a dry burn hit with a ceramic coil.

Longer lasting coil

With ceramics shielding against dry hits, you’ll be looking at a far longer lasting coil. Instead of wasting time by changing your coil every week, you can theoretically go months without having to change your coil. It may require you to spend a little more money than your every day coil, but going ceramic will keep you vaping at a higher quality for much longer.


Some ceramic coils are self-cleaning, meaning that there’s less of a build up of gunk and organic compounds from the heated and saturated wick. This can mean less deep cleanses for your e cig mod and therefore more enjoyment hassle free.

Porous coils have better taste

Porous ceramic coils are an innovation in the range out there. These allow for more vape juice to be heated and saturated in the atomiser, therefore leading to an all round better taste from your vape device.

Different ceramic coils

What are the different kinds of ceramic coils out there? Each has its own unique benefits and it’s up to you to choose what suits your needs.


For great taste, the Vaporesso coil inside the Target Mini may be small but never fails to deliver on great taste. The Vaporesso is a potent device which allows you to enjoy flavours to the full, all because of its microporous ceramic coils. This flexibility is key to the ceramic coil.

R2 RiG

The R2 RiG ceramic coil is dense and hits hard with its inhalation. With this coil you are met with big clouds and a sturdy and durable coil. This device and its ceramic coil, wrapped in titanium for that extra sturdiness, is a prime example of how reliable ceramic coils can be, even when searing hot.

DaVinci IQ

This vape pen doesn’t have a coil but instead has its own ceramic vape chamber, meaning that the taste is cleaner and untainted by the potential for dry burn and degraded coils.

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