So, you think you’re a vape pro? Words and terms every vaper should know

Vapingis undoubtedly a very current trend. Here’s some words you might have missed

Vaping has only really been around for thelast decade or so, and like with any craze, a lot of new terminology and slangbegins to pop up in those engaged with the crazes vocabulary. Like withinternet language and abbreviations, there are a wide range of terms that to anon-vaper would sound like a foreign language. That’s why we thought we’d clearit up, especially for those who may be new to vaping and don’t want to fee leftout when faced with the terms. It may be the opposite as well; perhaps you’vebeen vaping for years, and you’ve simply been nodding along when these termshave come up. There’s no need to face save anymore, we’ve got your back!


These are the two types of batteries usedby most vape devices. The 510 is the larger of the two and is one of the mostpopular for vape devices, whilst the dinky KR-808 is a smaller and arguablymore versatile battery


In vape lingo, analog refers to a tobaccocigarette. This is in keeping with the idea of analog in general being a lo-fiway of doing things. For instance, video cassettes are analog compared to DVD’s.


The atomiser is the part of the cigarettewhich heats up the vape juice. It is found between the battery and the tank andis a conductor of the heat generated by the battery.


The automatic battery is the part of thee-cigarette which turns on whenever you take a puff on your e cigarette.


The battery is the source of power for thevape device. This is responsible for heating up the e liquid using electricity.


Otherwise known as a reusable e cigarettecartridge, the blank is a refillable e liquid cartridge. These can be usedto store your extra vape liquid.


The cartridge, or tank, is the part of thevape device which stores your ecig liquid.It is what connects to the battery and atomiser.


The clearomiser is the part of the vapedevice which contains the drip tip and atomiser. These are usually see through.


The charger is what connects the vapedevice battery to its power source. Unless disposable, all e cigarettes arerechargeable.


The drip tip is placed on top of theatomiser and is an alternative to the cartridge. Instead of storing vape juicein the device you drip it directly onto the atomiser wick.


A dry hit is when you take a hit on yourvape but get no vape juice, instead just an inhale of burnt wick!


The e cig is the abbreviated name for the vapedevice.


This is the vape juice you put in your vapedevice.


Another name for the liquid you put in yourvape device.

MilliampHours (mAh)

mAh refers to the unit of measurement forenergy within an e cig battery. the higher the mAh, the more powerful thebattery.


This refers to the mechanism within the ecigarette which is turned on when the user presses a button on the e cigarette.This button engages the battery and atomiser so that e-juice can be heated.


Mods, or modifications, are e-cigaretteswhich use removable batteries. This gives you the freedom and flexibility tomake the device more or less powerful, depending on your tastes, and allows youto swap and change parts of your device to create the perfect vapemodification.


Nicotine is the naturally originating andaddictive substance within vape juice. You can find different strengths ofnicotine in vape juices due to the use of the e-cigarette as a smokingcessation tool catering to different levels of addiction.

PropyleneGlycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is one of the compounds ofvape juice. As a solvent, it acts as the base for the flavours in vape juice. Ahigh PG ratio vape juice will have a stronger taste than a high VG vape juice.


A rough estimate of the number of inhalesyou can gain from the e cigarette before its tank becomes empty of e juice.


When you breathe in nicotine, there is afelling at the back of the throat, a kick, almost a satisfying scratch likesensation. This is what is known as the throat hit.

VegetableGlycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin is one of the solventsin vape juice alongside propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is mostly derivedfrom plant oils and is responsible for the thickness of the vape cloud. VGheavy juices are sought after by cloud chasers looking for a denser vape exhale.

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