The Pros and Cons of Using Vaporizers - What to Know

Vaping is definitely worth the hype it gets these days among many vapers across the world. Despite the media backlash regarding its safe use and its health concerns, many have started to switch from smoking to vaping. For one, it’s a much healthier alternative to smoking, as shown by various studies. Two, it is considered a great leisure activity where vapers can invest in vape devices and accessories as well as experiment with various e-juices. 

One type of vape device is the vaporizer, which is deemed as more advanced than the regular e-cigarette. In this blog, we’ll share the pros and cons of using vaporizers. Read the information below to get the two sides of the coin: the key benefits and major drawbacks of vaping using a vaporizer.


To cover the advantages of vaporizers, you have to compare them with e-cigarettes. While both can be used for vaping, the difference lies in the kind of technology being utilized. While e-cigarettes are those small, cig-like devices considered as the “1st generation” devices, vaporizers are mainly those “box mods” with advanced electronic features. Now, let’s take a look at the pros of vaporizers:

  • Better battery lifespan: What’s great about vaporizers is that their batteries have a longer lifespan as compared to that of e-cigs.
  • Personal refilling: With vaporizers, vapers can perform the actual filling or refilling of e-juices. This means that they can choose from plenty of vape juices and experiment with various flavours.
  • Customization: What’s good about vaporizers is that they can be customized. For one, you can set the nicotine levels directly on the device. Two, you can explore tons of flavours, as mentioned above.
  • Transparent device: Vaporizers typically have transparent vape tanks that allow you to see exactly how much e-juice you’ve used and how much has been left.
  • Money-saver: Vaporizers allow you to use them for a long period of time, thereby allowing you to save up in the long run.


Despite the many merits associated with vaporizers, it’s fair to say that they do have a few drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of using vaporizers:

  • Not cigarette-like: Vaping is regarded as an excellent alternative for smoking. One disadvantage of vaporizers, however, is that they do not deliver the exact same stance of smoking.
  • Larger and heavier: Another drawback is that vaporizers are larger and heavier than e-cigs. However, you have a wide range of vaporizer options to choose from in terms of sizes.
  • Bigger spending: Vaporizers can cost you bigger spending in the beginning. But as explained above, they can help you save in the long run.


At this point, you now have a general idea of how vaporizers look and work based on the pros and cons outlined above. As you can see, they can be best appreciated when compared to e-cigarette devices. In general, e-cigs are cheaper and easier-to-use; however, vaporizers are way more advanced and sophisticated. For a great vaping experience, it’s up to you to decide as to what vape device to invest in and use.

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