3 Easy Tips to Maximize the Taste of Your E-Juice For Flavour-Chasing Vapers

There are different vapers in the vaping community - from cloud chasers to those who love to juice up their e-liquid collection. These are the people who prefer tasting all the nuances of the flavour instead of creating enormous clouds, especially when you have a heart mix of fruity delights, sweet classics, to downright experimental juices in your tank. 

If you’re looking for ways to push your palate and achieve the most flavorful hit, the tips below should help you squeeze out all the delicious flavours in your e-juice: 

Tip #1: Adjust the Wattage and Temperature Settings 

One of the most straightforward ways to enhance the flavour of your e-juice is to play around with your wattage and temperature settings. This is because the e-liquid responds differently to various settings, so if you’re craving a different blend for your juice, you can try to find the “sweet spot” of your settings by starting at the lower end. 

You can go up until you find the setting that brings out most of your e-liquid’s richness, some may find it at 20W, while others reach it up to 35W. Seeing as the voltage plays a pivotal role in maximizing flavours, be sure you use a device that has a viable voltage and wattage.  

Tip #2: Reduce Your Airflow 

Opening up an ample airflow creates the optimal setting to produce humongous clouds for cloud chasers, but letting a lot of air in can thin out the vibrancy of your e-juice. This is because the vapour is less dense to make way for bigger clouds. 

On the other hand, flavour chasers would benefit more from reducing the airflow to create a denser smoke that is packed with more intense flavour. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can tighten off the airflow. Closing it off too much can compromise the vapour production and produce smoke that is too hot, so be sure to adjust until you hit the right balance for your taste. 

Tip #3: Select Your Coil and Don’t Be Afraid to Go For Below-Coil Airflow

Another factor that has a significant impact on the flavour is your coils. For instance, top-coil clearomizers are not the best choice for brewing flavorful hits as the wick tends to absorb the juice against gravity. This results in a duller taste, while bottom-coil ones offer a better alternative. 

By leveraging gravity and allowing the coil at the bottom of the central stem to soak up the e-liquid, it can efficiently boost vapour production and intensify the flavour to boot. Rebuildable atomizers also offer the best of both worlds as it allows seasoned vapers to make their coils, which provides more controlled freedom.  

The Bottom Line on Tips and Tricks in Enhancing the Flavor of Your E-Juice Collection 

If you’re craving to enhance your vaping experience by boosting up the flavour from your e-juice, the simple guide above should get you started on the right foot. However, be sure to do your homework on adjusting your device to its proper settings and coil adjustments to ensure you won’t get lost in the clouds in pursuit of greater flavour. 

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