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First-time vape users can take a while before they get used to using the device properly. They also aren’t at fault for feeling like something’s off in their first few months of owning one. Sometimes, that off feeling can actually come from a different taste from your e-juice - a burnt, dry hit is a standard indicator that you’ve broken your vape coil.

Handling a vape kit with care

A beginner vaper’s frequent issue is the challenge of keeping up with vape coil replacements. As with any type of appliance or equipment, a device's parts have varying lifespans depending on how its owner uses it. Using a vape device is meant to be an economical choice that’s both healthier and cheaper compared to smoking in the long term.

In this article, we will share with you four guidelines for properly handling your vape to ensure that it lasts:

1. Know a vape coil’s mileage

Coils are not meant to last forever as a vape’s parts are readily replaceable. However, just because a component can be easily replaced doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maximise its mileage. Know that a vape coil can actually last as much as you want it to. This is why most people who have a more frequent vaping schedule opt to replace it after only a week, while casual vapers can make the most out of a month with their vape coils.

2. Read into your vaping habits

The longer you use your vape, the better grasp you will have with your vaping habits. Generally, you should be able to have at least two to three weeks on your coils without replacement. If your coils don’t survive for that long, then it might have less to do with your vaping habits and more to do with how you take care of your kit.

3. Assess the damage

Keep in mind that vape coil damage can be a result of various reasons. Make sure that you’re priming your coil by letting the cotton soak up as much e-liquid after you top up. If you fail to do this, then you run the risk of destroying your coil, which leads you to order a replacement sooner than you’d expect. 

Another aspect that you should consider in taking care of your vape coil is the wattage on your device. If it’s a model that has a variable wattage, you might be burning your coil too much by setting it beyond the recommended level.

4. Fix a broken coil

A burnt coil is a common issue for vape owners. If you want to fix it, you will only need to put the component and place it in a bowl of warm water. This allows any e-juice that is stuck on the coil to let loose, making the crusted bits of juice to fall off. Pour out the warm water and let it air dry, then put it back in your device.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can add citrus juice or vinegar in a bowl of hot water and give the coil head a deep clean.


Investing in a vape kit is a considerable commitment to different types of lifestyles. This is why taking care of your device can go a long way in ensuring that you have a pure concentration of taste without spending every other week on a brand new coil.

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