Vape Battery Replacements: Before or After a Session?

No piece of technology is designed to last forever, and this applies to your vape device’s battery as well. The chances are that you will inevitably need to replace it when the time comes, as it might no longer be charging, affecting your device, or worst, not performing at all.

However, when exactly should you consider having a battery replacement? In this article, we’ll cover the four tell-tale signs that you finally need to replace your battery and whether to do it before or after a vape session.

Warning signs you need a battery replacement for your vape

Before we delve into knowing whether to replace your battery before or after a vape session, let’s first look at the warning signs. Consider getting a replacement when:

  • The fluid is leaking: Your battery is supposed to be dry as it deals with heat. If it starts to leak a little bit of fluid, it needs to be tossed out and switched over to a new one. Not only will a leak affect your device, but it will be dangerous for you as it might even explode.
  • The device is not working properly: Nothing is more frustrating and inconvenient than charging your battery, only to find out that the device still isn’t working. The chances are that there’s a problem with the battery itself—not necessarily your device.
  • The charging is not on time: If you frequently charge your battery, you will know how long it usually takes to get it fully charged. If you’ve noticed that it has a longer charging time than usual, then there might be a problem with it.
  • The battery is dead: This sign is self-explanatory—if it’s dead, better get a new one!

When to replace your battery—before or after vaping?

Now, let’s answer this crucial question: When should you replace your battery—before or after a vape session? Take note of the following information:

  • For traditional mod: This device consists typically of a battery-powered mod and a tank to be filled with the e-juice. It’s best to opt for a replacement before vaping because, with a new battery charged in full, you’ll enjoy vaping without an interrupted session!
  • For a pod system: This newest generation of vaping products is designed to allow manual refills using a pod that can be filled with your e-juice. It can be hard to figure out when to replace the battery since it’s integrated into the vape device itself. The best thing to do is to consider the signs mentioned above to decide on whether or not you should replace it.
  • For portable vaporiser: Slightly larger than a pen vape, this vaporiser is any vape that can be taken on the go. It’s best to replace it before your vaping session. Doing so beforehand leaves you with a better and longer vaping experience while you’re mobile.


At this point, you now know when to replace the battery of your vape device. Consider doing when you encounter the following conditions—not charging on time, leaking fluid, device not working properly, and a dead one battery. 

Whether using a traditional mod, pod system, or portable vaporiser, know when to do so—before or after vape session—based on the information discussed above. A dead or dying battery shouldn’t hinder your optimal vaping experience, so have it replaced now!

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