Mind-Boggling Migraines: How to Eliminate Vaping Headaches

Vying for second place on the top-three list of largest vaping markets is the U.K., second only to the U.S. A lucrative method for transitioning out of cigarette smoking, the number of vapers worldwide is only going to grow over time. Though any side effects from e-cigarettes are rare, they do exist, and headaches are the worst of them. 

How Vaping Causes Headaches

Vaping isn’t nearly as hazardous to your health as cigarettes—but it doesn’t mean you get to escape the occasional pounding headache! What it comes down to is your preferences and ability to handle more potent products. 

  • Nicotine Content
  • High nicotine levels, for instance, might be too much for rookie vapers. As a rule of thumb, always start with a low-nicotine e-juice, gradually working your way up as you adjust. 

  • Presence of Propylene Glycol
  • Another potential cause for vaping headaches is the ingredient propylene glycol (PG), a synthetic organic compound present in the majority of e-liquids. PG can be dehydrating—it’s imperative to have a glass of water handy whenever you vape. 

    If you’re experiencing increased sensitivity to PG, consider purchasing e-liquids that contain at least 50% vegetable glycerin (VG), a less intoxicating ingredient that is truly organic! 

  • Nicotine Poisoning
  • In some rare cases, vapers will experience nicotine poisoning. If you’re coughing and itching every time you take a drag, consider dropping your current nicotine content for something less severe. 

    Alternatively, the typical length of a vaping session can significantly impact your health. If you’re taking long, drawling drags for hours at a time, cutting your vaping session short will usually do the trick. 

    How to Manage Vaping Headaches

    Most vaping headaches are consistent but low-grade. Many e-cigarette veterans will claim that the problem dissipates with time, but if you aren’t willing to wait for the pulsing to stop, consider the following tips. 

    • Drink lots of water—you may have heard this over a dozen times, but a bottle of water can go a long way with vaping headaches. Taking a large puff can cause dry mouth or sore throats that leave you feeling lightheaded. Curbing this effect is relatively easy. Have plenty of fluids on-hand to rehydrate. 
    • Experiment with different e-liquids. In most cases, vapers will react negatively to too much VG or PG. If you can pinpoint which ingredient appears to contribute more to the tension, try cutting down. On the other hand, you might be more sensitive to various flavours. Thankfully, the e-juice market is vast. Experiment with different brands or e-liquids with less complex flavours. 
    • Stick to what you’re familiar with. If you’ve discovered the ideal e-juice, don’t swap it with another or perform more taste tests than your body can handle. 


    For former smokers across the U.K., vaping can prove a life-changing experience. When shopping for the right e-juice, do your research and avoid misleading information from anti-vapers. 

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