Mint E-liquid Flavour: What Makes It Best for Quitting Smoke - What to Know

Did you know that vaping is deemed as an effective alternative to smoking? 

A recent study compared vaping with other common nicotine-replacement approaches as a means to help individuals quit smoking. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the study revealed that 18 per cent of the respondents had stopped smoking, while about ten per cent of them who were using nicotine replacement therapy had quit. Among successful quitters, 80 per cent of those in the e-cigarette group are still vaping, while only nine per cent of those in the nicotine-replacement group are still using those products. Can you see how vaping can be a great alternative to smoking? 

The question is: which e-liquid flavour is best for quitting smoke? The answer is the mint flavour. Keep on reading to find out why mint flavour e-liquid is the best for vape beginners and even regular vapers.

The common use of mint 

Everyone is familiar with the mint flavour—that mentholated flavour sticking to your tongue and staying on your throat. The mint flavour is commonly found in many food items and beverages. These include rice, salad, and pasta, as well as smoothies, tea, and lemonade with mint flavour.

When it comes to vape, mint is considered as the all-time favourite vape flavour for everyone. Apparently, menthol cigarettes are popular among smokers. So it makes sense as well that the mint flavour is one of the best-selling e-liquid flavours.

The detrimental effects of cigarette smoking

Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is quite dangerous to the health. Harvard Health publishing reported that nearly 500,000 people die of tobacco-related diseases each year in the US. The list of tobacco-related diseases and conditions is long and growing, which include the following:

  • cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke
  • emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma
  • lung and other types of cancer
  • tooth decay
  • weathering of the skin
  • having a low-birthweight baby
  • diabetes
  • eye damage (including cataracts and macular degeneration).

For this reason, people should stop smoking cigarettes. However, it is very challenging to break the addiction. That is where vaping comes into play.

Vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking

Advocates of vaping have promoted it as a way to help cigarette smokers to quit. Among vape e-liquid, mint vape juice is said to be the safest option for first-time vapers as well as smoking quitters. 

To make things simple, brands like Emist have recently introduced menthol flavour e-liquid. With this, people who are accustomed to menthol cigarettes find it easy to make the transition. One of Emist’s menthol-based e-liquid, Cool spearmint, has that minty aftertaste. The cool taste of mint relieves you after an exhausting day and gives you that smooth throat hit.

Final words

There are so many vapers who experiment with other flavours. But they always come back to mint vape juice. Mint is such a versatile vape flavour and can be a very effective alternative to smoking. In fact, studies indicate that smokers who have recently quit smoking opt for menthol-based e-liquid flavours. Ultimately, the mint e-liquid flavour is the apparent option for the first-timers, smoking quitters, and all-time vapers.

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